Purple moon Krauly

This is a sorta new updated but different version of Krauly, still same character but influenced by events on the RP

Name: Krauly Asmodeus Tepes
Nickname: the jackal, wicked fire starter, demonic phenomenon.
age: 1107
race: demon
weapons: 2 daggers: one of silver with skulls and skeletons with wings on the handle and one of gold with angels on the handle. A shotgun, ninja katana of vampiric properties, and almost a will of its own, given to him as vampiric lord.
job: retired body guard, hitman, assassin, club owner, musician,
hobbies: Modern underground music, photography, and what is now considered classical music, playing the piano, internet communications, being a hitman, research on paranormal creatures, gambling, and messing cop's minds using his vampiric skills, Owning the purple moon bar and inn,
powers: Ancient vampire powers, soul stealing, teleportation, demonic influence of events, demon summoning. higher been transfiguration. demonic transformation
personality: A curious loner that likes company. A gentleman, thoughtful, but a sadistic, cold blooded, merciless killer. Very confident, and gets into strange fits of laugher at times. dislikes the vampiric royalty, usually in for a bit of chaos. loves his friends and family.
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Purple moon Bio.

Krauly been a vampire of ancient times, sometimes is necessary to get some death slumber, After losing his beloved, and his halfling dauther becoming engaged and lost, It was time for Krauly to go into this slumber, before leaving he contacted a mortal with magical abilities to make a bar and inn, He was to make it to his specifications and Krauly gave him the money to do so.
The place was on top of a chamber of higher magical force. A place were mages did rituals of all sorts,

Vincent was the owner of the bar for a while calling it the blue moon, soon after some years passed Krauly was arisen and wanted to live there surrounded by mortals and preternatural creatures, a place where he could be enjoying the company of strangers and rid of the masquerade of not been a vampire.

He became a bouncer of the blue moon, but after a missunderstaing and humiliatng Krauly in the stage to make an example of who was incharge, Vincent use his power on Krauly wich he did not like, So instead he turn his punishment around and killed Vincent infront of everyone, That moment Krauly took over as the owner and change the name of the bar to purple moon,
not so soon after this, Krauly was visited by Nero his half brother of Kindred blood,
His vampiric brother in the sense they share the same Sire.
He then help Krauly take on some demons that wanted to take over the bar magical chamber in teh basement,
For this fight Krauly was almost too beaten and destroy to heal himself naturally, A grave was place for him after several months he was able to escape his grave and move into the cove to wich he used to gather his strenght away from teh demons.
once healed he went on to take on the cousoul of vampires and try to become a vampire lord, Krauly excell and became a vampire lord.
However he just wanted to become one for the boost in his power and not care for the counsel, the throne, and the army he could of gotten. Becoming somewhat of a controversial lord,
Using his new powers and allies he defeated the demonic siblings, but sadly he lost Nero in the fight,
years later what seems to be a moment of peace is interrupted by the apparition of nero wanting revenge for been left behind in the cave in that happen after the demonic sibling battle,
Krauly ask to be made a demon like in order to defeat him
He makes a deal with a necromancer to strip him of his vampiric nature, But Krauly pulls a fast one on the necromancer as he thought he was gonna get Krauly to be his slave, instead he makes a double cross on him wiht a demon the necromancer had capture, Taking out his soul for more power Krauly became a vampiric lord and lesser demon to ignore some of his vampiric limitations, however losing part of his soul in the process and his head.
After a small trip to hell during the battle of Nero, Krauly sees taht on the day of his demise he will be in hell as a victim and not a demon. Then cause of the small moment in hell his demonic nature discover a new power, helping him take out Nero.
After said battle was done a demon came for Krauly`s soul, This demon was a minion of the demon Krauly soul belong to, Since he becoming a demon and been an inmortal meant that he will never die, for having hell protection on his side, So his soul would of be have to drag to hell wiht his body as well, instead it was stolen using a soul sucking magic, Krauly and shadow go to hell and recover his soul as well as Shadow`s freedom, Krauly uses teh same soul stealing magic to imprisson the boss demon within him and becoming one, Now he has become a full fledge demon, now in charge of the purple moon bar.
He spends the rest of his day in a thin peace taht has crowded the bar.