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My Life, My Story, My Battle, My Path, My Past, My Journey, My Experiences, and My Heart. ♥
Vampires Vs. Werewolves Part 4
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(The final part! Director's cut version only! :3 Enjoy! I hope you learned about true love and racism through all of this. They are things we should always fight for. Arigato for reading this series! I'll be adding to the others in a bit just wait and see after Christmas! ^0^)
(I editted it to make it better and actionyer and fixed some spelling!)

The wedding date was set. Kiku and Youkai had been engaged and dating for generally 9 years(I don't know for sure math is hard!) so they were both old enough to settle down. Kiku Butterfly Atarashi keenly kept their relationship a secret with the aid of her wolfy lover. They would meet at school and act like they were just really really close best friends and would date very privately. She would have gotten married at 18 but if she did she would have to become duchess and therefore have an arranged marriage to a vampire of her cruel parents' choosing! That is just no good! So Kiku having aged like an albino vampire was already physically 30 as she ages years over months and makes drastic body changes fast. She was still short and thin but she matured how she was supposed to. She blossomed into the perfect woman and with age she only grew more and more wise and angelic. She was physically 30 for a long time and Youkai was an adult werewolf lycan for a long time and stuff too. It is hard to explain but both species basically stop aging at a young adult age and live for thousands of years which is practically forever!
Anyways, they had already been living together in this large cave where a family of arctic gray wolves used to live in a pack but they migrated because of the unforgiving winter the year had brought us. Kiku made it clear to her parents that she refused to be duchess by not getting married sooner. They also kind of thought she was long dead since they were not hearing from her they even got some spies to investigate! The cave was spacious and had plenty of room for all their stuff and they made fires every night so it was never ever cold especially because they snuggled a lot too! (So cute!)

Kiku spoke in a mature, smart, and cautious tone but her voice was lower and more womanly with age. It sounded serene and calm. It was clear she had long picked up meditation. "So we have everything. The plans, the dress, the tuxedo, and a secret hideout along with our friends supporting us! Are you really ready to marry me?" She questioned unsure in her heart on a level considering what happened before.
"Yes, Kiku. I was ready to from the moment I saw you. What we have was true love and love at first site! If anything I wanted it to happen sooner but then it would have broken even more laws then..." He explained himself honestly and sweetly. He reassured her clasping her claws in his. They knew they were ready. They are soulmates after all. But would they be allowed to be wed or get away with it? It was hard to say because it was difficult as is to keep secrets and hide from blood relatives. Kiku's parents were also very sneaky like that one time with Van Ravenclaw. A loss and battle we shall never ever forget forever! It was the work of the Devil combined with The Duke/High Judge(not the rapist duke FYI sorry if you got confused!) and the Duchess of all vampires/her parents.

It was at last the day of the wedding! The chapel was in a small town called "Dimsdale"(So shoot me I had no other ideas and was watching Nickolodeon at the time!). The church was mostly filled with me and Kira and my parents since they respect their decisions and mine whether they prefer it or not. Besides they ARE The King and Queen of all vampires(they're the highest of royalty and Kiku's parents are medium level but lower in species and in title) they can break their own rules based on their opinions or the wishes of others. It's their kingdom they do what they want! Those rules are way older than most any of us so they are kind of stupid anyways and outdated as Hell! Besides they respected Kira marrying me why is this any different? Love is love. It is a present, a gift, a magical thing. It transcends time and space and all groups of people ever! A gift is a gift no matter what the wrapping paper as my Uncle Dracks always told me!(But in his case I think it was to justify that he wraps everything all crappy with Scotch Tape lunch paper bags! Or it was a "It's the thought that counts" thingy but it's still for the same reason imo!)
The couple was so intensely perfectly gorgeous! Kiku wore a long sparkling snow white dress with blue-ish purple tint that was very subtle like Ariel's dress in The Little Mermaid when she got to become human and walked on the shore to Prince Eric. It was a dream come true! It was like a glistening blizzard of all of her most favorite things mishmashed into a wedding gown. It was long and had kind of a pencil skirt that cut off and showed her clear angel white stockings and her tiny ankles which I must say looked heavenly! (Lol. Joke.) It also showed her high heels which matched the dress perfectly and had little twisty party ribbons and bows on it. Her wedding gown had a sheer top above her bodice and on her arms. The collar was opaque white. The sleeves were tight with the corset bodice which worked because she's extremely beautifully skinny. She looked anorexic and it almost made me jealous but I got over that because it was her day to be princess and on top of the world my feelings aren't super important in this case. Her dress was about as pale as her porcelain skin! She had on darker red lipstick, a delicate bedazzle sparkly blue eyeshadow that looked like frostbite and snowstorms mixed together and thick emo black eyeliner and instead of going most of the way like usual it's more of the way than that with white in the inner corners making her crimson blood red dinner plate eyes look even bigger and shinier and she already had some of the shiniest eyes ever in the world to begin with! You could always see your reflection in them because they were like freshly polished mirrors but in the color of rubies and fire! Her hair was up in a formal high ponytail like what a lot of actresses do on the Red Carpet. Her hair for once was perfectly straight without spikes in it at the ends making it extended to dragging Rapunzel length like mine does. Her hair is like a little shorter than mine especially because of how she normally styles it but this was pretty dang close if you ask me! She had a big white veil on a pearl encrusted peineta crown clip that my parents used their infinite wealth and riches to invest in. In little dots there were diamond teardrops in spots on the veil. They looked like someone had just cried their heart out or like falling snow. She had on regular plain white gloves. Youkai Kami Wolfheart also looked excellent. He had his shaggy skater emo boy hair pulled back all slicked like a greaser except not gross or from the 1950's he looked a bit like Dracula in terms of hair minus the widow's peak. This is the first time ever we saw Youkai look formal! His midnight black fluffy wolf ears perked up and cute with energy and still looked as soft as ever. His fangs were glistening white like Kiku's clothes. You can tell he used Crest White Strips or something!(This isn't ad I'm not being paid for this this is just a observation) His almost gray white skin made even lighter by the contrast of the lights in the church going through the stained glass. His skin looked like Edward Cullen's. The couple both had shiny white plate skin that day. That made them match! His serious yellow eyes were a darker yellow than usual like the default dark yellow on MS Paint. His eyes still looked mostly like owl eyes but his pupils were slits because he is a werewolf obviously! He was wearing an ebony black tuxedo jacket with matching trousers and loafers. Underneathe he had a gray super dark black vest over a plain black button up shirt and a shiny black leather tie. Chiyo being only 7 years old was the flower girl. She wore a poofy white lolita dress with snowflake print because the wedding theme was Winter. It had a huge black bow on the black and a gray and white lace tulle underskirt. She had her hair up in itty bitty Chinese buns that kids in school called her "Meatballhead" for like in Sailor Moon! She had on peach pink glitter gloss and black glitter nails because I did her make-up back then especially for special occasions like these. She skipped with the straw basket tossing around a bunch of white and black rose petals with the occasional red petal in between to look like a thin trickling trail of blood and ash on the snow of flower bits! It looked like gorgeous lovely anarchy and chaos. It was really artsy that way. It was the most beautiful wedding especially for a low budget one!
Then the couple walked down the aisle over to the priest to recite their vows.
"Do you, Prince Youkai Kami Wolfheart take the Miss Lady Kiku Butterfly Atarashi to be your lawfully wedded wife?" He asked reciting from The Holy Bible with his nose stuck up in the air. He looked kind of sort of like the pope or something.
"I do." He said smirking excitedly a fang showing. His long shaggy black tail wagging as he nodded in agreement to express how happy he is like a wolf would of course. Youkai is still a pup at heart!
"And do you Miss Lady Kiku Butterfly Atarashi take Youkai Kami Wolfheart to be your lawfully wedded husband?"
"I do!" She said her voice quiet but she still tried to make it loud as she tries to speak up more and more as she grows as a lady!
"Then I now pronounce you man and wife...er...WOLF and VAMPIRE wife!" He said particularly loudly for some reason.
We all cheered and cried happy tears. There was not one dry eye in the audience except for my dad who was eyeing a shadow in the corner. He grunted and growled suspiciously but still went to the festivities with us with his guard up. He sensed it was a spy sent by the duchess and the judge and he was probably right since he's trained always is! Like Sherlock Holmes or Velma he gets a hunch!

A little while later Kiku Atarashi my little cousin had gotten pregnant! Kiku was acting really sick and having problems eating her sushi so Kira took her to the hospital assuming it was a horrible flu or stomach ache or extreme bloating because her belly had expanded and twitched from time to time. To their surprise they were blessed with a baby girl! It was like a miracle of love and a gift sent from Heaven. They did an ultrasound to see. The fetus was already really developed and started showing wolf mutant features.
"Ma'am how could you know you weren't pregnant this far in? You're practically in your third trimester!" The doctor exclaimed very loud and yelling all shocked and whatnot. This was an exposition!
"Nani?! How could this be?" She said then looking in the mirror. She was still skinny as ever....in fact....SKINNIER! Tons of skinnier! Her cheeks were hollowed and looked bony. She looked like a Jack Skellington doll.
"This child is mutating and growing at an extremely alarming rate. I have never seen anything like this before but I know for a fact that you could die if you try to deliver it." He explained scientifically removing his glasses in a dramatic fashion like SuperMan or a soap opera guy. It was certainly a marvel!
Kiku put her hand on her stomach making a serious angry face. "I think I'll have to take that risk." She insisted.
"Are you sure?" The doctor and her husband asked together. It was a unison choir of questioning.
"Yes. Very sure. I want to keep my baby." She answered still very serious. It was just like Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2 except the world's very first lycan vampire hybrid was in the making so it was even crazier and weirder!

The baby girl was born. They could not be happier they named the child Helena Star Wolfheart. Her name was seemingly picked out of nowhere but it seemed like destiny or fate. It seemed familiar and natural like God's path for us. Her name was chosen by the stars. It was an unconscious thing probably something from Kiku's past life as my sister and a Vampire Princess. Of course Kiku did/could not think of this factor since she was busy being a mommy. She was the very first of her kind and she grew up and developed her intelligence and powers very fast. She was smarter than Lisa Simpson. She would dart and sprint in the dark woods and slice whole trees in half while having races with her father. He actually somewhat struggled to keep up since she was so quick. She was a beautiful, enchanting, smart, and gifted girl. Her hair was a bit short but it was the darkest night black you could ever see just like her father's! It was layered kind of square and choppy too. It was definitely Japanese hair. She had large almond eyes that were red but had the slits in them. She looked very Asian. She had fangs which could easily come from either side of the family along with her claws both were very white and pointy like rapiers. Her style went from sailor fukus and other stuff her parents picked out for her to guro lolita as she matured. Her pouty round lips were naturally a gorgeous wine red like described in that H.I.M. song. She often hid her ears in her hair too since they blended in perfectly in the color and layers. And her parents though very carefree and gentle sometimes would strictly insist she keep herself and her abilities a secret no matter what!
She always wondered why.......until one day!
Youkai was chasing her around but she went way too fast and he could not find her. He shouted her name "HELENA! HELENA! HELENAAAAAA!" He practically howled and was really loud. His voice boomed like an explosion in a war. He was definitely worried to say the leastest!
Then he bumped into two people........it was..................................HIS PARENTS!
"Mother...father....what are you-" He questioned in shock after not seeing them for years and keeping his life with Kiku a secret. He looked at them back and forth shaking his head with confusion. He gasped. They all gasped.
"Spare us the formal introductions, Youkai. We know who we are." His father gruffly and roughly cut him off in the most serious deep tone of voice ever. It was like a barrytone of a demon. Youkai's father Hex Augustus Wolfheart looked just like him but with long hair that's slicked back and spikey on top like his ears. He looked like a double hit combo of Malfoy's dad and Loki from The Avengers and Thor. He always wore a suit and a dark green velvet medeival cape that almost looked black. The clothes worn by the werewolf kingdom were and passed down centuries. It is practically taboo that Youkai dressed himself! Even worse since his style is extremely goth which most parents even regular human parents would not approve of especially to the extent he took it. Youkai was a serious rebel in a million different ways.
"It has been years since we last smelled you, son." His mother said calmly but in an unnerving way like she was boiling under the surface. Her long thin arms folded over one another. Her hair was orange red and kind of dark. It was twisty with curls and restrained into a smaller ponytail. The ends looking like smallish afros. She had a very medeival look in terms of face and attire. Her wolf ears were brown and she has brownish yellow eyes. Youkai gets his super chalky white skin from her. She was wearing huge purple circle pearl earrings and a black slinky Morticia/Elvira dress along with a cape like Hex's. It was a dark blue purple however. Kind of like a witch would wear! Hex was holding a cane staff with black magic inside it. Lupa had one too! (Oh and if you get who she's a reference to good for you! Idk much about her but I know her name and how she looks!)
"I know...but there's a good explanation for that." Youkai said ready to lie his butt off.
"And what would that be, Youkai?" He asked like Lucius Malfoy but much more intimidating and pretentious. He was a racist much like him. The term for that would be "Werewolf Supremacist".
"I wanted to live among the forest with real wolves to have a more natural pack and start a new life free of the burdens of being a prince...and my parent's canary!" He said growling at them furiously. He was always a lone wolf and a rebel! Age could never change that! He wrinkled his snout.
"I never thought I would have to extinguish my own son. What a pity." Lupa said her fangs growing super long and her face contorting into a hideous snarling wrinkle her golden bronze eyes fading into a blood red. She got her ridiculously long Freddy Krueger nails ready to go to the throat and kill! But suddenly...........Helena walked in! Lupa changed her expression especially as Helena made the mistake of uttering "Daddy".
"Hush." Youkai said all scared shielding his daughter with an arm a sweat on his brow.
"So that's why." His father said smirking at her proudly. She smiled back at him not understanding what was going on.
"Her eyes...they're red." Hex noted angrily. "Is she in Werewolf Mode?" He asked in a testy tone holding his mouth closed to clenched his teeth strongly and tightly. "Why are they red, Youkai?!" He asked screaming. "WHY ARE THEY RED?!" He said booming the sound echoing throughout the entire woods and probably knocking down a tree somewhere out there.
"She's tense because of your noise." Youkai said looking down and away all sad and mad and scared for his life and his new family's. He looked to the side.
"Then why is she smiling?!" He asked demandingly Youkai would not answer. He could not answer. Hex quickly picked him up by the collar.
"Hey! You put my daddy down!" said Helena chucking a rock at him and protesting. She stomped her foot to show she was angry. Hex suddenly broke out into a really high-pitched creepy laugh revealing his fangs which looked like Interview with a Vampire. He was smiling like The Joker. He let Youkai down smirking sadistically and shaking his head still laughing then trying to compose himself by feeling his temple as he shook.
"Hahaha....yes...there's no need to fight you, TRAITOR! Ha! You took the most forbidden rule and you broke it. Broke it. And I don't like when people break my things, my boy. I don't." He started to do a crazy villain speech. He pointed at him vowing revenge.
Youkai walked back a few steps sweating then gulping.
"You broke the rules, boy!" Hex said getting loud again.
"Her blood is most unclean. Abomination she is. No more no less." Lupa said sounding exactly like The White Witch in The Chronicles of Narniea.
"You brought this curse upon our family!" Hex declared to the skies. "But no matter. We'll get you back. The Wolfhearts ALWAYS bite back." He warned and threatened Youkai pointing at him yet again. "This. This means war." He said finishing before Youkai could respond his parents snapped their fingers and disappeared in a purple and black smoke cloud with golden yellow sparkles left behind.
Youkai scared to death and mad he quickly puts Helena on his back without a word and rushes home to his wife to alert how his family is now declaring war against vampires like what happened so many years ago. She gasped and dropped her plate and it broke dramatically.

We got the gang together all of our best friends and my uncle on our side because my parents though they accepted the treaty on a level they never turn down a challenge this major especially since many wolves have gone after the vampires already especially in Japan in the Kingdom Courtyard. It was a dramatic battle like in Lord of the Rings: Two Towers! It was so unreal and like a fantasy! But that is what reality is like...hard to believe. We got onto the very highest tower and with the aid of magic from my demon/vampire powers, Youkai's werewolf powers, Kiku's vampire powers, Chiyo's half-ish vampire powers, Peterson's Old man Ancient Vampire Powers, and Kira's New Vampire Powers we summoned enough light magic and heart for our voices to carry across the bloody gorey battlefield. Some guy even got his head cut off and vampires got impaled and the werewolves got poked with some silver daggers and other sharp things like that. Blood and guts sprayed everywhere. Many throats were slit. It was unforgetable! It was more violent than the Underworld series and Elfen Lied and Saw combined! The bright cherry color practically stung our young eyes. It was so violent and horrific it almost made me question if God were real or not! So many people died such terrible deaths! The crowds in the battle were a sea of pain and murder. We were practically in The Hunger games nobody trusted nobody. It was the worst war ever like World War 3 but worse than you could ever imagine! I was scarred for life and so was everybody! The shards of the lost lives were shattered rubies. A wave of pure red despair hallowed and eaten alive by the evil darkness. It was a current of pain. It was so super awful and like bad and stuff.
All seemed lost until........
"STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1" We shouted all together. Everyone looked up to us in shock!
Youkai spoke up first "I am the one who started this war." He admitted forlorn hanging his head down as he said it.
The crowd started to mutter and clammer especially the lycans. "But isn't he the prince?" Many of them asked aloud.
"I did too!" Kiku added. The vampires gasped in shock not only did most of them assume The Duchess's Heir was long dead but they knew her as the peaceful and quiet type which she was.
"We started this by being in love!" Kiku shouted finishing that thought. Everyone on the battlefield groaned and started to argue and fight again.
"STOP!" Youkai said. "This was all started because you horrible people and your stupid laws wouldn't let our love happen! We had to be risky and do things in secret! What do you have against vampires anyways? The war was practically centuries ago! We're long finished! Why does it even matter?!"
They all looked guilty and dropped their weapons. "Our daughter may be the first vampire/werewolf hybrid but she is a miracle like any other child! She's smart, strong, and has a lot of love in her heart. She turned out wonderfully...we defied the odds and the struggles and controversy when we were just KIDS! So why can't you who are mostly adults do the same, huh?"
The species started nodding and began to hug. The war was resolved throught the power of friendship. Love too.
My parents came in and said "I say we make a truce with our new furry brothers!" Everyone cheered and threw their hats off except for Youkai's parents.
"No! NO! This isn't over!" Lupa and Hex insisted walking in having a tantrum.
Hex felt a tap on his shoulder he turned around only to see the spawn that boiled him with so much hatred and racism that started this whole thing."You..." He said growling turning over to her slowly and shaking all mad.
"No. You." She said smiling then punching him square in the jaw knocking his teeth out.
Kira shouted "Hey! He got beat by a little girl! A child who has only begun to learn to use her powers! She struck down the King of all werewolves! He must be weak! No wonder why he declared war and had all you wolves fight his battles for him! He's a coward!"
Everyone laughs at him and started throwing food like rotten tomatoes and eggs at him and Lupa. They run away tucking their tails in with embarassment.
Lupa is crying dramatically as they run off "How will we be in the public's favor again?"
"That's the thing, Lupa. We won't." Hex Augustus Wolfheart said sadly and exceptionally mortified. This would forever effect their reputations and royal status!
"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Lupa howled crying in sadness as her long blood orange locks twisted and wisped against the wind especially as she sprinted. She looked like a mouse that got offended after a black cat chased it for messing with him. Kind of like Tom and Jerry except not for little kids! We could hear it so everyone laughed yet again. We laughed heartily at their expense as it was what they deserved for being pure evil!

We no longer took those racial laws seriously. They declared that the one and only rule that is required to follow is that we follow our hearts! The war against vampires and werewolves is over....PERMANENTLY!!!!!!!

Kiku and Youkai since then had two more pups. One of them had messy hair that she kept in a loose bun for comfort. Her hair was cyan like her mother's but reflected the darkness of her father's fur in a certain bright sunlight. She wears mostly boy's goth rocker clothes and leather because she's an edgy tomboy and basically a lot like her father in personality. She has golden yellow eyes and unlike Helena who is more vampire than werewolf Stella Luna Wolfheart is more werewolf. It means she has high energy, is sassy, and tends to run off and around in fields and forests a lot like a real wolf would! She has big bags under her eyes like L from DeathNote that are reddish from her vampire genes interacting with how she acts on a full moon. It effects her sleep and shows that she needs blood. She always has purple or gray simply cloudy smokey eyeshadow with only upper black eyeliner and dark blue purple gradient lipstick like what you would see in popular magazines nowadays or on Tumblr. Their other daughter Kerli "Bubbles" Wolfheart has the porcelain skin of a vampire like her sister's but she also has the glowing eyes of a werewolf. She is more balanced in genes though she personally doesn't act like either and does her best to just act human since she took interest in human fashion and therefore human media and culture. She was born with black hair and thick black eyebrows like her daddy has. She dyed her hair a very light pastel pink though. It's almost white because of how light it is! She's a bubble/pastel goth. She wears frilly blouses, pink, purple, black, bows, dangly necklaces, some lolita, and bat jewelry. She always gives herself warm blushing pink layered eyeshadow, thick black eyeliner that goes all the way around but heavier on top by the lash line, light powder pink blush, and warm/light pink puffy gradient lipstick with lip plumper and since she's got big kissy lips like her mom they look even bigger and pinker because of it if you can believe that! Her hair is shaped like her father's all emo and sideparted but a little longer. She puts it into itty bitty little tiny pigtails like Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls has and she was named after the very famous bubble goth Kerli who is also a really awesome singer you should totally like Google! Her personality is the opposite of Stella's. She is super girly and boy crazy but not in a disgusting preppy way just more like in a NORMAL teenage girl way. She is very popular especially online because much like my daughter Chiyo Crystal Shinobi she was discovered on there and picked up alternative modelling! Regularly people try and get autographs and pictures from her which makes her sisters a bit jealous. But considering the kindness in her heart she allows them to all her photoshoots as they please! So basically the pups' traits are in this order: The Smart One (Helena Star Wolfheart), The Tomboy (Stella Luna Wolfheart), and The Girly Girl (Kerli "Bubbles" Wolfheart)! Their kids were basically like that cartoon team known as The Powerpuff Girls! Stella Luna is Buttercup, Kerli is Bubbles(DUH!), and Helena is Blossom!

I would be lying if I didn't say we all lived happily ever after just like we planned. Thank you God for blessing us by letting our true love happen and our children be born. We couldn't have done any of this without you looking down on us in your favor!


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