I open my eyes. Looking around, I'm some sort of room. It's more of a fancy bedroom than a hospital layout. Sherry is to my left. Her back is turned to me, so she doesn't realize I'm awake. She's putting something away, it looks like bandages. She must have just wrapped my wounds. In a voice I expected to sound normal but came out weak and pathetic, I say her name. She turns and a huge smile comes on her face. She kneels down and grabs my hand,"You worried me so much....All of us. Don't scare me like that again."
Tears start to run down her face. I don't know what to say, I'm still amazed that I made it,"I'd rather it have been me, instead of Piers."
She smiles,"I know. Everyone's worried about you. We weren't sure if you'd make it or not. I'm going to tell everyone the great news. I'll make them stay out so you can get some rest though."
"Thanks, but first, what happened?"
I'm not up to carrying on a conversation, but I'm to curious to leave it at that. She explains that even though this was a BSAA mission, the president was involved because of me. He sent this plane so I could have a place to rest, sounds like him. After I blacked out, Chris carried me out. When they got to the plane, Sherry took care of my wounds with the help of Piers. Apparently, the two have medical history.
She smiles, whipping away her tears after she heads to the door to tell everyone that I'm fine. In a way, I'm happy that she's giving me time. I'm exhausted from all of this.
Soon after she shuts the door, I fall asleep again.