So I have been known to bite off more than I can chew sweatdrop

Appears I have done so again! Here's a list of things I have chosen to take on and need to remember to do when I log onto Gaia.

note: asterisk * means uber important!
Modmas Contests
Need to finish these by next week.

1. Ornament *
2. Present
3. Holiday Horror Story

Ideas for profiles I need to work on.

1. Doctor Who The Snowmen countdown theme *
2. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac theme
3. Dr. Horrible theme
4. Put IAGT Banner in profile

Daily Guild-related things to take care of.

1. IAGT 60-Day Photo Challenge;
11 is next a picture of something you hate.
2. IAGT Guild Quiz For Bored Gaians.
3. IAGT 20 Posts In 20 Days *
4. IAGT Come up with good Welcome Message! *
5. Implement zomg newbie training Guild idea...

Daily activity in the games.

1. Resort World!
2. Aquarium - FEED FISH!
3. House - finish holiday decorations. Need Presents for tree.
4. House - Upgrade
5. zOMG! Old Aqueduct.