I'm not an option. I'm not someone who you can choose, someone who I can be compared to, or contrasted.

I can't believe I let myself get so far in this crap.

No one should be able to turn my whole day upside down.
No one, except God.

You're constantly in my fricken' mind.
When I see you my heart literally stops.
When I hear your name my stomach turns.
When you talk to me, I can't stop smiling.

This is so stupid.
You're stupid.

You're a friggin' jerk.

I'm cutting this crap off, I'm tired of you ruining my whole days, of me thinking of your name 24/7.

Not talking to you at all today, depressed the crap out of me.
You friggin' jerk, why did you have to treat me special?

How dare you say you "may like me" when you have a girlfriend?

You sicken me.

I sicken myself.

I wish someone could just slap this stupidity out of me.