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A Colection of Simple Thoughts
Don't expect great things from this journal, it's just a place where i can store ideas that are in my head.
RP sample
Rodney slipped in through the window of his apartment and closed it behind himself. He began removing the suit he was wearing and changed into less obnoxious street clothes. Rodney stashed his new suit behind a false wall in the back of his closet. The new suit was working out great, his reputation had skyrocketed! Everyone was taking about The White Man delivering monetary gift to them. Rodney hated that, being called 'The White Man'. That name didn't sound cool at all, it made him sound like he was just some nut in a costume. Ultimately Rodney didn't care about a name, it's what he was doing that really mattered...a cool name would still be nice though. He had just gotten back from robbing one of the Governor's big treasuries. Rodney had a number of people that he assisted with his donations such as single mothers, starving workers, a few orphanages, a business or two, and even a slightly creepy homeless guy named Fred. Rodney stuffed all the money he could, without looking suspicious, into his pockets and left his apartment to make his rounds.. He wandered through the streets of Limina dropping off his little gifts along the way. His favorite stop he saved for last, Cicero's Place. Rodney met the guy a few years back when he broke into the pub while he was running from some guards. Cicero had heard Rodney come in and ended up sticking a shotgun in his face. Rodney was able to explain his situation to Cicero and he let him go. He wasn't sure what happened but this led to that and he and Cicero became good friends, often heckling each other. Rodney entered the pub and strode up to the bar and sat in an available seat. "It's just me, i'll have the usual. How ya been Cicy."

Cicero glanced up as the infamous red-headed twit sat down in front of him. "Which usual? The one you want or the one I end up giving you?" Cicero was about to say more to that "Cicy" nickname, but then some soldiers walked into his bar. This wasn't the norm, in fact, it was slightly illegal. Cicero looked to Rodney. "Sit tight. I'll deal with you later." He moved to leave, then paused and added, "Don't touch anything or I'll have that god-forsaken hair woven into a new rug for my floor White Boy."

Cicero came from around the bar and approached the soldiers calmly. With his height, he towered over the soldiers a good three inches or so. He leisurely rolled up his sleeves and addressed them, keeping his light friendly tone. "Gentleman, thank you for stopping by. Can I interest you in anything to drink? That must be why you are here, because last I heard, this was neutral territory. Not a place for soldier business." he spoke the truth. His place of business happened to have a very specific contract with the governor himself, stating that his patrons would not be sought after by soldiers during business hours.

Rodney stroked an invisible beard as he thought. "Which usual? How's both?" A large grin sat on Rodney's face but quickly disappeared when the soldiers walked in. Rodney glared at Cicero as he told him to sit tight. "Sit tight" Rodney made finger quotes int he air. "He makes me sound like I'm going to take something." Rodney slipped behind the bar and opened a bottle of beer for himself. He placed his money next to the cash register along with his 'gift'. Rodney grabbed a small piece of paper and a pen that was lying on the counter and wrote Thanks for the beer Cicy! followed by a smiley face and drew a large heart around it all. He moved back to the other side of the counter and back to his seat like nothing happened. Rodney sipped at his beer and waited for strong, sexy Cicero to make the big, mean soldiers go away. He half hoped Cicero got an excuse to punch one of them, it was always satisfying to inflict pain upon corrupt security personnel.

Cicero sighed and crossed back to his bar to close the protective shutters over his shelf bottles and glasses. It really ticked him off when people started fights in his bar. Especially when steam and/or blood was involved. It was a pain to clean up, and the moisture from the steam wasn't good for the wooden floors and furniture. He watched Theodore run out, which made things a little better for him. Some people forget to take it outside. He didn't understand why some just didn't try and deal with things rationally before they pulled out their weapons/skills and try to prove something.

Cicero folded his arms across his chest and began thinking of ways to add mysterious totals onto those soldier's tabs the next time they come in. It was their fault after all. After a moment of thought, he came around the counter and in one swift movement he took the beer from Rodney's hand, and stuck the little note into his mouth instead; nearly choking him... but not quite. "I'll take that." He then proceeded to place the funds from "The White Man" into his cash register with out a second glance at Rodney.

Rodney gagged a bit as Cicero stuffed the paper into his mouth...AND TOOK HIS BEER!!!! "OI, I paid for that! Is it policy for you to take beverages from loyal, paying customers like me?" Rodney gave up, he knew he wouldn't get his beer back from Cicero but it was ok, he had almost finished it anyway. "So what are you gonna do about Mr. Steam? What's the point of steam anyway? He just let it go, steam is no good to anyone unless it's cruelly forced through tiny pipes to make electricity. If you really think about it it's forced labor, the steam never agreed to make electricity for us, we just took the stuff and said Rodney place his hands on his hips and deepened his voice. 'Hey, your makin ma volts!' He then pointed a finger at Cicero as if to drive home a point. and it never got a say in the matter...poor steam."

"No, it's just my policy for you.And amongst the words I would use to describe you, loyal doesn't come up... paying, yes... loyal, no." He acknowledged Allison's offer to clean and repair, and gave his usual relaxed smile. "That would be much appreciated Miss Marblem. Thank you."

Cicero then nodded at the young blonde woman and got busy making her a drink. The usual strong drinks he made would knock someone of such a small frame right out, so he made some adjustments. It would still be strong to her, but maintain her consciousness. His hands moved quickly and expertly as he created the drink for her. It was done in a flash, and he slid the drink down the bar right towards her waiting hand. "Let me know if that needs any adjustments Miss." He then brought out his old dirty rag to clean up some spills on the bar.

Meanwhile, Rodney was ranting on about the human rights of steam. Cicero turned to look at Rodney again and waited until he was finished. Cicero's eyes fell upon Rodney's pointed finger. He hung his old dirty rag on it, and headed for a shelf to get another. Then he proceeded to clean some new shot glasses.

Rodney looked down at the rag Cicero had hung on his finger. Rodney rolled it around in his hands, unsure what to do with it. He placed the rag on the counter and then laid his head down. Rodney wondered what he would do for the rest of the day, everyone had gone and it was just him and Cicero. He perked his head up. "Why don't you ever do anything besides sit around here? You should get a hobby...a girlfriend wouldn't hurt either. A girl would definitely spice up this dull boring routine of yours." Rodney waited for an answer but when Cicero didn't respond he continued. "Or maybe you have found a girl but your afraid she'll reject you cause your so boring."

Cicero was finishing off the last few shot glasses, glancing over his shoulder every once in a while as Rodney went on. When Rodney accused him of already having a girl in mind, he shook his head. "Says the man with no hobby or girlfriend of his own. I would not call stealing from the rich and giving to the poor a hobby, and for as long as I've known you, you haven't been able to hold onto a girlfriend for more than a day or two." He chuckled at the thought of some of the girls Rodney had brought in. Most of them had been drunk, or undercover to get the "White Man's" identity, or both. He sighed and turned to face him. "Look at it this way. Let's say I wasn't "boring" as you call it. Who would be around to pull your arse out of the fire?" Cicero didn't have to go into the number of times he saved Rodney from getting beaten up, arrested, or executed. They've had this conversation several times before, and Cicero always had the same list of answers. He felt like a broken record. "If I went with you to do your White Boy work, I would be in the deep hole with you and unable to do much about it."

Truthfully, Cicero did feel a slight envy to Rodney. He was always the 'fun guy'. There are still moments when it crosses Cicero's mind to just shoot someone rather than intimidate them with his height, apparent muscle, and chilling "angry" voice. Still, the way Cicero looked at it, it was necessary for him to lead the calm life he did. True, he was almost always in his bar, but he had to be. It wasn't just because of the fact that no one else worked there aside from him. People needed him. His bar was a refuge for people when they needed help. He couldn't offer that help if he lived on a more dangerous side. Unfortunately, that didn't always impress women. They tend to prefer the out-going and action-packed young men, like Rodney. At this point, Cicero has accepted that. "All joking aside, one does not always have time for hobbies and other things when they are running a business single-handedly. Sometimes it's better to be supporting cast. The world would be chaos if it were only populated by main characters."

He felt a weird chill at the end of that conversation, realizing things were getting uncomfortably deep. To lighten the mood, he gave one of his usual relaxed smiles and said, "I'm feeling generous and creative. What kind of drink do you want?" It was a lousy way to change the subject, but he had to do something.

Rodney sat and listened to Cicero's little epiphany. He leaned over the counter and brought his face within inches of Cicero's and stared at him for a moment. "You have one of those dramatic super-deep moments when you evaluate every aspect of your life and then come to some sort of freaky revelation." Rodney leaned back in his chair. "You get so nice after you have one of those, it's weird. And for the record it's 'White Man'." Rodney sat for a moment in silence then decided it was too quiet and continued. "If you have no time for hobbies or anything it's because you chose to lock yourself up in this place. Your kind of like the Hunchback, doomed to dwell here and serve others forever. While you're feeling generous, give me something that will make my head spin."

Rodney Stone
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Rodney Stone
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