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Impulse Control
It's been a few weeks since my fight with that red blob creature. Somehow I was able to convince Ellie I slipped down a hill and fell into the creek. Naturally the creek's dirty from the filth that's dumped into it, so it helped explain the smell that I spent the rest of the night trying to wash off. If anything good came out of that terrible night, at least now I have a little more control over my powers. After a few weeks of practice, I can create black liquid from my body that I can harden into black blades. But sadly I still have clean the black puddles afterward.

Ellie's boyfriend, Marcus, had football practice this weekend so I got to hang out with Ellie without the pleasure of double dating with one Marcus's friends. "So what movie are we going to watch?" Ellie rubbed her lip, not quite sure what she wanted to see. "The one with the plane looks good." "Oh the one with Derick Jefferson?" I saw a preview for it the day before, and I thought it looked pretty good. We bought our tickets and grabbed a few snacks before watching the movie.

The movie was good...but I think we'll pay more attention to the rating next time. Ellie looked at me still a little shocked, "Miranda! How long was that girl naked?!" I couldn't help but laugh a little. "I admit two minutes is a bit much, but honestly I thought the drinking was a little crazier." We talked and laughed about the movie a little longer, agreeing it was still good despite a few problems. We were half way back to the bus stop, when we saw a man getting mugged in a dark alley.

I stopped not sure if I should help, I knew I could, but what would Ellie say if she found out I had powers. I was frozen with doubt and guilt, when Ellie yelled in my ear, "Miranda! What are you doing? We have to get out of here before they rob us too." I watched the man getting slammed against the wall as Ellie dragged me to our bus stop.

On the long bus ride back to campus, the image of that man getting mugged played over and over again in my head. Every week I see Jessica praise people for saving whoever they can with their powers, and yet I just left someone in their time of need. But it's not like I run around calling myself a hero or anything, why should it be my job to help him.

Ellie called her boyfriend as soon as we got back to the dorm and told him about how we almost got mugged. Ellie tried to tell me there was nothing we could do, but I knew I could have helped if I wasn't so afraid of anyone finding out about my powers.

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Addictive Aphrodisiac
Community Member

Mon Jan 21, 2013 @ 01:09pm

Wow...That was amazing, i got so into it that i couldn't stop reading Lol Well, i hope you can finish this story up, it'll surely be just as amazing.~

Draconis Alduari
Community Member

Wed Jul 02, 2014 @ 06:57am

You should really keep this story going. It's quite impressive and I'd like to see how it continues.

User Comments: [2]
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