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Senshi of Love and Beauty I am Sailor Venus
Pokemon Nuzlocke : HeartGold Log 1
Thats right I started a Nuzlocke Challenge on my Heart Gold last night and here are a few of my logs from last night as I didn’t get to write all of them down last night so I am today. The Challenge didn’t start till I revived my Pokeballs so the rest of this is prologue and epilogue

Game : Heart Gold

Team : (Will update every post)

Totodile lv 12

Hercules (Geodude) - Lv 10

Sasori ( Spinark) - Lv 11

Trixie( Gastly ) Lv 6

Deaths- 0

Badges- 0

New Bark Town -

Received Totodile from Professor Elm I named him Kisame I also received potions from Elms assistant. After receiving Totodile I went through route 29 to go see Mr Pokemon

Route 29 - Fought 4 Pidgey and 3 Sentret Kisame grew to levels 6-7 and at level 6 he learned water gun

Cherrygrove City -

I received running shoes and town map card I also visited the Pokemon Center. Afterward I went toward route 30 to Mr Pokemon’s Home

Route 30 -

Totodile grew to level 8 and learned Rage

Went to Mr Pokemon’s home and recieved a egg , also met Professor Oak and received Pokedex.

Got call to come back to Professor Elm’s and quickly

CherryGrove City -

Fought Rival for the first time he had a Chikorita lv 5 . Kisame handled it pretty good

New Bark Town -

Went back to New Bark and talked with Professor Elm and agreed to go on Pokemon Adventure, He told me to go see my mom which I did and she said she would help me by saving my earned money.

Route 29 - recieved Pokeballs from Ethan after he shows me how to catch Pokemon

and my Challenge officially begins.

Runs into a Pidgey hoping to catch it but Totodile knocks it out.

Route 46

Caught Geodude lv 2 named Her Hercules ( Lucky this one had sturdy )

Trained Geodude on route 29 and he grew to level 5 smile beat a HootHoot by himself

Route - 30

Caught a Spinark named her Sasori

Picked up Antidote

Route 31 -

Used Geodude in fight with Youngster (1) who had a Ratatta lv 2. Hercules knocked the Rattata out. Winning the fight

Fought Youngster (2) he had a Rattata and Pidgey Hercules took it out.

Fought two Bug catchers with Spinark and Totodile Spinark grew to lv 5

Picked up a pokeball

Violet City -

Went to the Pokemon Center

Caught a Lv 6 Gastly ( was being a pain too >.< ) named her Trixie

Went to Sprout Tower and trained Spinark who grew up to Lv 11 after fight the last monk in bellsprout tower. Totodile grew to lv 12, Geodude lv 10.

Route 31 -

Training Trixie at the moment she might come in handy when I go up against Falkner. I can use her Hypnosis to put Pidgeotto to sleep hopefully.

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