This year, I participated in my first ever NaNoWriMo. For those of you who don't already know what this is, it's an abbreviation for National Novel Writing Month. You sign yourself up to write a novel of 50,000 words or more. The prize being that you have bragging rights to say...I wrote a whole novel in a month! It's to inspire writers, and those who want to become writers, to sit down and finish your novel. You don't need to nitpick and edit every single word, but to get your story out there!

I, too, have joined the ranks of those who have this bragging right for 2012. I sat down and, for the first time in about 8-10 years, I finished a novel! It's nowhere near perfect, but the general idea is out there. My goal is accomplished. I'm really excited that my initial goal is complete and hope that I continue in this spirit for the year of 2013. There are many things I would like to accomplish, but if I'm even so lucky as to write another story (whether or not I edit it/publish it online or in book form for others to see), I will have accomplished my goal. I want to bring joy to others through my imagination.

Thank you, Bea, for inspiring me to finish my first novel in nearly a decade. This has truly been a turning point in my life and I hope to see myself making more accomplishments of this measure in the near future.

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