He nods with a small smile. He takes to the male as I take to the female. I'm drawing it away from the door best I can, as is Piers. They don't run, which makes it take time. After a while, we see Claire and Ada inside of the door. Piers runs away from the zombie bearing a chainsaw and starts to fire. I wish I had a gun right now. Suddenly Chris yells his name. Piers can't hear it over his gun though, which is some sort of sub-machine gun. I turn to Chris, who is on th eground getting up, and realize that the big zombie is behind Piers and is about to swing his ax, chopping Piers in half. Without hesitation, I run and push Piers to the ground. I make it just in time for the ax to hit me. I am jolted into a tree. The ax is imbedded in my stomach, but not far enough to instantly kill me. I imagine that Wesker has programmed all of these to give us slow, painful deaths instead of finishing us off right away because soon after it pulls the ax out of me, letting me fall to the floor.
The pain is so heavy that I can't move. I don't even attempt. I lift my head, seeing the giant zombie and chainsaws walk away from me. I guess I was right about Wesker wanting us to suffer. Suddenly, I'm slowly turned over on my back. Piers,"I'm sorry. I'm going to get you out of here, just stay with me."
I nod and he picks me up. Chris has lead the zombies away from us. He runs me into the door, which is when Claire yells for Chris to come here.
Piers lays me down, keeping my head raised because I'm coughing up blood.
"Get out of here. I'll only slow you down."
Saying that took most of what energy I had left. I'm now surrounded by Piers, Ada, and Claire.
Piers,"We're getting you out of here, just stay awake."
Ada has gripped my hand, tightly. I see the concern on her face and the sorrow on Piers. Once Chris gets in, he runs over to me. Sherry closes the doors, I'm guessing just in time, but she runs to me after.
People start talking, but I can;t tell who or what they're saying. I'm fading, slowly. I know their trying to figure out what to do, but I can't make out what they're saying. The last thing I remember is someone picking me up, then everything goes black.