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My Black and Blue Scrapbook
Scrapbook of randomness~
Koga's Guild
Guarinot Beaumont - Case File - Doctor Records - Public

User ImageFull Name: Guarinot Beaumont
Nickname: Ari
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Date of Birth: February, 17th
Age: 17
Origin of Birth: France, Champagne Ardenne, City of Rethel
Occupation: Student
Nationality: French
Blood Type: A
Height: 5'2'' / 1.60m
Weight: 123lbs / 56
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Appearance Description: Guarinot is of a slender build overall. His long torso and legs give him some form of pride, as he is very particular about his health and appearance. While not exactly as proud of his slightly fair skin, he does take great care with it - washing each morning and then cleansing his face before bed in order to keep his skin free of blemishes. Guarinot's hair is always neatly trimmed, but his appreciation of the slightly 'alternative' fashion styles has led to his black hair being disrupted by a streak of blue. The French teenager took great pains to ensure he got the perfect colour, so it would match his eyes. Guarinot has three loop piercings in his right ear, high in the arch. In the lobe of his left ear, however, hangs the pendent of Jesus upon his cross. On his right arm is strapped a leather forearm brace.

Goal or Motive: To become a Knight in the eyes of the Lord; a Knight in service of a worthy individual.

Guarinot Beaumont - Case File - Academy Records - Private

Academic Year: 4th Year
School Uniform Changes: Guarinot always has the sleeves of his shirts rolled to above his elbow, unless wearing the full uniform. His vest, shirt and tie are always neatly pressed and without wrinkles, but Guarinot can not stand his forearms bearing covered.

Magi Class: B-Class
Magi Bloodline: Beaumont
Type of Magic: Western
Style of Magic: Invocation
Magical Discipline: Shamanism

Type of Weapon: Sword
Weapon Name: Aegis
Weapon Appearance: Aegis lies dormant as a leather forearm brace. Unassuming and plain, the slightly tattered material is still sturdy and capable of preventing most mortal blades from cutting through to its owner's skin. Underneath the first layer of leather lies the forearm's secret - a slightly malleable, and blessed, peice of metal. The blessing's only purpose is to ensure the Aegi's longevity in this state.
Weapon True Appearance: When summoned, the brace morphs to a blade. It glows slightly, as a sign of its purpose to serve a Holy Will.
Weapon History: Aegis was originally forged many generations ago for a relative once spurned from the family based on false accusations of treachory and criminal activity. The relative, despite persecution, continued his Holy Order, as given by the Church. His actions and perseverance resulted in unveiling a plot of revolt and disbanding it before chaos could ensure, saving the lives of possibly hundreds. He was welcomed back to the family and Church. The Aegis was then passed down as right to each child who proves themselves as a Knight of protection rather than a seeker of combat.

Guarinot Beaumont - Case File - Magic Association Records - Classified

Personality: Guarinot is very aware of his personal sins. Pride: His desire to keep himself presentable and clean at all times. However, he does not go out of his way to purchase expensive brands for the sake of it. He also dresses somewhat modestly; in plain jeans and shirts with little to no design. When it comes to hygene, he uses simple products, believing his drinking of water and healthy foods as his main tool to keeping his skin and body healthy. Greed: His collection of figurines and butterflies is seen by the Church as a form of Greed - to desire things of no value to the soul. But Guarinot does not rid himself of them, finding the butterflies a reminder of fragility in beauty, and the unicorns of fantasy in man. The Church would say 'turn to the bible and God', but Guarinot sometimes needs to see the creations themselves, to have hope in the world and humainy, so sure is he in God already. Finally, Lust: Guarinot was raised by two very strong women - his mother and grandmother - and was taught to always respect women. So strongly has Guarinot taken this that he finds no sexual desire for them, or so he thinks. As such his mortal whims have taken to men, instead. Guarinot has never acted on these thoughts or desires, instead turning to physical training as way of distracting himself from them.

Hobbies: Taking care of his body and appearance. Collecting butterflies and miniture, alternative-brand Unicorn figurines.
Likes: Playing cards, scented candles, being and having fun with friends and his sibling.
Dislikes: Those who flaunt their faith, to believe themselves and their way as superior.
Grandmother: A strong-willed women grown kind with age - she was once a Knight, proficient in speed and turning her enemy's attacks against them. She now spends her days in front of the fireplace, as a story-teller and counsellor to other family members.

Grandfather: A stern man, strong in his belief of the traditional ways, it was of great surprise when he married a very untraditional female warrior. 'I cannot deny her valiancy and purity in her quest,' he responded once when asked about it. He still oversees the family's training in both swordplay and the Beaumont way of Shamanism.

Mother: A gentle woman with a quick temper, she oversees issues regarding the family estate, such as bills, meals, financial investments, and supplies. She was an accountant before marrying into the family.

Father: The second oldest of four siblings, he lives on the family estate in France along side his wife and parents. The rest of his siblings are spread out across Europe, his twin brother living on the French-German border. He is constantly in contact with his siblings and their relatives, along with the relatives of his mother and father, keeping the family tight and connected. He also works in business relations. None of the family truly understand the exact details.

Sibling: N/A

Background: Guarimont lived on the family estate in France along side his sibling, parents, and grandparents. He grew up with strict, Christian values, but has always looked at the softer side of the bible, aware that it was neither God or Jesus who wrote the bible, but by man, and man is never without bias or personal interpretaion. Guarinot does not attend church, for he simply recites back to any who try to force him that it was written in the bible to not declare your faith in the streets, or out loud, but in a small room of contemplation, silent. And when you fast, annoint your skin with oils so others do not know you are fasting. Discreet with your religion, so others are not made uncomfortable, for they will find God in their own way. That is Guarinot's interpretation of the Bible. The rest of his family not so much, so many times there have been arguements amongst them over his 'lack of faith', especially with his Grandfather.

When Guarinot reached his teenage years, he was sent off to board at the Prestigious National Institute for Arcan Studies. The part from his family allowed many strains between the family to rest, if only slightly. It also allowed Ari to develop more diverse friends and live his life a little more freely and without stress. Despite being away from home, in a strange land, he adapted quickly, working hard on his studies as well as spending time with friends.

Since he could lift and hold a blade, he's wanted to live up to the family history of Knighthood. He's dedicated much of his free time studying the family talents and skills, as well as practicing not just with Aegis as a blade, but as a bracer. He wanted to not have to rely on the sword for all battles. It was this type of dedication of defending that earned him the Aegis in the first place.

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