A young man leaped from roof top to top in a dark city. a tannish duster flapped in the wind like a pair of wings. he wore goggles and a black mouth nose mask. "yahoo!" he shouted leaping from the top of a tall tower. electricity leaped from his finger-less gloved hand, he clinged to the side of the wall riding it like a rail. his name is rye kidlatt, a young man who was born with the spirit of an ancient lightning dragon possessed his body, but it allows him to have electricity manipulation. He notice that his little sister dressed as a heroine was getting mugged in a alleyway "damn it" he said hopping down "yo" he said the two thugs spun around and glitch upper cut one, with the force of a down power line, the volts was increase to hurt, amps was decrease for damage. "back off!" the other one shouted grabing the girl and holding her as a meat shield, it all happen in a flash and by a flash glitch shocked the thug with lightning in a sith lord style, but the blast cause the gun to go off, hitting him in the shoulder. glitch held the bleeding wound "you ok?" he asked