Piers and Sherry run to us, were the closest to the door. Piers looks at us,"Captain. We're here to help. It's a long story."
Chris,"I'm glad to see you, both of you. Did you bring anything?"
Piers,"We went through most of our ammo getting here. We have enough but we have an idea."
Sherry,"I can work the doors. I'll wait on the other side. Once everyone has gotten through, I'll close them. By the way, we over heard Wesker talking about Claire. We grabbed the antidote on the way here. They have a new way of dealing with Los Plagues, that's what took so long."
"Great. Sherry, get threw the doors. I'll distract the remaining chainsaws. You two distract the bigger thing and tell Ada and Claire to get out of here."
Chris,"No, Piers, you go with him. I can distract that thing. Leon, I don't want you by yourself with only a knife. Thank you for getting that."
I shoot him a glare, which is when Sherry looks at me and sees my shirt. The blood is still stained all over it.
She gasps,"Of course. Leon, what happened? Are you ok?"
"I'm fine, now lets get this done."
Chris runs to tell the girls to start heading toward the door. Sherry takes off for the door. Piers and I run at the chainsaws. I can't run normally. There's a sort of limp to my run, and Piers catches it,"I can handle this if you want."
"Thanks, but I'm fine. I can rest when we're out of this."