He grips the ax with two hands and it's coming down, faster than I can comprihend. I roll to the side instinctively, and thankfully Ada does the same. We get up and run in different directions. It's hard to run, but I force myself to. Pain shoots through my leg, carrying through my body. I turn and am able to stop, he's gone the other way. Looking back, I see an executioner going toward Ada and Claire, and the other toward me and Chris. Chris runs at it, magnum in hand. He's delt with these more than I have. I grab my sniper and think about how much I have. With my extra rounds it's about 9, give or take. These have to count. I aim at the executioner's head and shoot. Chris shoots as well. He uses 3 bullets, I use 4. This means I can take down the other with one left. That wont be enough to take out the bigger one.
I'm sweating from the heat and from pain. I have time and rip off my leather jacket. Chris has run over to help Ada and Claire. I focus on them, until I hear a noise from the woods. Turning, trees are falling. Not one at a time, multiple. Whatever it is, it's moving quick. Running toward the others, the creature finally breaks through the trees. 3 chainsaws can be seen. 1 is a female, the other male, and the last has a double chainsaw. They look just like the ones I took down numerous times in Spain. Wesker sure wants us dead,"Chris, 3 chainsaws on the way! 1 has a double!"
He's in the middle of battling the remaining executioner but takes the time to look over and sighs,"Great...."
Before I can get to the, Chris and Claire have taken down the executioner. Ada has been destracting the giant zombie and pumping it with lead, but she can't take it down. I turn, immediately aiming at the double chainsaw's head. He'll be the biggest threat out of the three. After 5 head shots, and he's down. I realize after that I'm probably out of ammo. Aiming at the next, which is the female, I fire and to my suprise, a bullet is shot. I try again, but my luck ends there. I toss the gun to the ground. I lost my handgun when I jumped off the cliff. Claire is helping Ada now. Chris comes next to me,"I'm out too."
He's used his handgun on the big zombie,"What now?"
He grabs his knife,"We take the chance?"
I look at him and pull out my knife,"Don't have much of a choice."
But then, the door which is our exit, opens. Piers and Sherry are on the other side. I've met Piers once, but briefly. They run out. How did they wind up here?