Chris,"Ada, stay with Leon and protect him. Claire and I can handle this."
Ada nods. No, I'm taking part in this. They've taken care of me for too long. I let go of the two of them,"I'm helping whether you like it or not. I'm not going to sit back and watch you all fight our way out of here."
Chris looks at me, but then gives a smile,"I'm not going to try and stop you. Once you have your mind set on something, it's not like anything anyone says could change your mind anyway. Just think about this. We'll lead. You stay in the back and use your sniper. You've got the better chance of taking it down with that anyway."
He has a point. Chris has a magnum, but it'll take more than 6 rounds to take both of those out. Before I can answer him, one of the ax's are thrown at us. Claire and Chris, being the two on the ends, dodge to the sides. Ada and I drop to the ground, letting the ax fly over us. Hearing the ax spinning is what gave it away, but suddenly the noise stops. I look behind me, as does Ada. I wish I hadn't though. Something grabbed the ax. I don't know whether to call it a zombie or what to even call it....It's huge, it's skin is a light gray, but very pale. It's hand is extended, the ax gripped in it's hand. Generally, the executioner has to use two hands to pick up an ax that size, but it lifts it like it weights nothing. Being taller than the executioner, he towers over us. I've fought against one of these before, actually 3 total, but it took a tank and missles from a jet to kill them. I don't see how we can finish him, with the executioners still around.
(The big grey-ish sombie is th eone from RE Damnation. If you haven't seen that movie, he was also in RE:ORC. I know that wasn't the best game, but still, epic villian.)