Yaaaay tonight was the bestest orchestra concert ever smile and my last, sadly ^^" we'll, last winter concert ever~ for high school lol. But anyways~ I was super uber nervous watching the middle schoolers play, they messed up soooo much, it was crazy. And because my whole family and Riley and his mom was there, going to watch me while I played my solo, THE PRESSURE WAS ON. Hooly jeezus. And playing the electric viola, plugged into an amplifier, everyone can hear where I mess up omg it was terrifying. But! I ended up alright! Afterwards, I got a ton of compliments. People are so cute smile and Riley got my flowers! So sweet <3 but then,
Before the concert started I gave my phone to a sophomore to hold cause he had pockets, but then HE GOT IT TAKEN AWAY. And I forgot to get it back TT^TT boohoo. And my da didn't friggin take off of work so he was rushing me, and I didn't get to take pics with everyone sad agh. But it was an eventful night smile
So long, that's all for now lovely kiddies night night smile