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The Chronicles of the Weezie and the inflatable turtle
Weezie's random ramblings!!! Wahaaa!!
The last five months, condensed in a hurry.
So yet again I have failed miserably at my plan to update my journal at least once a month. Later this month when I look at the New Years resolutions I made for this year and see that particular one, I will be able to mark that one off as "Hell no, nowhere near achieved". Lol.

I was inspired to do this today by the fact that it's a really beautifu sunny day here, and I have the day off. Yay. Just like on the day I wrote that entry early this year talking about sitting outside writing my journal while listening to The Beatles and Queen. Today is just like that, sitting on the back porch typing this in the sun, except today the only soundtrack in the background is the sound effects from some Zombie game app Taina is playing on my iPad.

Okay, so quick update on everything recently:

A few months ago, my work gave me a free iPad. One of the new, 3rd generation iPads too. Pretty awesome right?

So what happened was they had this competition across the staff from all the Specsavers stores in New Zealand and Australia. Everytime we booked in a customer for a contact lens appointment of some sort, we automatically got put into a big draw to win prizes. We have to log into each computer we use before doing anything like booking appointments or whatever, so the entries into the draw would be based on who was logged into the computer when the appointment was booked. Plus the Optometrist who did the appointment would also get an entry into the draw for each one they did. Head Office's way of getting the staff to upsell contact lenses as much as possible.

The slight flaw is that some of us have the bad habit of forgetting to logout of computers after finishing with them, which meant people were sometimes getting entries on others' behalf. Although I'm pretty good at logging out myself

Anyway, lots of people were getting the small prizes throughout the various stores. Our Optometrist David won a chocolate hamper. A guy called Daniel who used to work with us, "Spanish Daniel" as we usually called him, to distinguish him from other Daniel who is David's son, won an iTunes voucher. Victoria was constantly checking the results each week, wanting to win something, but knowing it was very unlikely she would, given how many other stores there are.

One day I got to work early. I thought I was starting at 8.45, but found out when I got there I was actually rostered for a 9.30 start that day. So I went and sat in a back room to do some of the online training stuff we have to do every so often, until 9.30 came. And then suddenly Victoria runs in to the room at about 9.15, and she's like, "Louise! Louise! You won an iTunes voucher! And an iPad!"

I didn't actually believe her. Then I saw my name in writing. But I still didn't really believe it until the courier arrived half an hour later, and there was my iPad.

It was ironic really, because unlike Victoria and the others, I'd hadn't really thought about getting an iPad, I'd had no interest in it, thinking I didn't need it as I already have a laptop. But now I have it I like it. It's good as an e-reader on the train into town, and I can watch movies on it too. Taina often uses it for internet and games, as his old desktop no longer works properly. And I use it for internet at home occasionally simply because it's lighter and smaller than the laptop.

Other than that, what else is new? The work Christmas party is coming up this Saturday. I ended up organising it, because I was the one suggesting we have a secret santa and somehow that turned into me volunteering to organise the Christmas party.

It was quite a hoo-haa really though. Last year we didn't even have a Christmas party because noone bothered to organise it properly. So I tried to be super organised and get it sorted before places got all booked out, as they often do in December. But when I asked for suggestions and input from the people at the Lambton Quay store they were disorganised and didn't get back to me, so I went ahead and booked a dinner, based on the suggestions people at Cuba Street gave me. And then a few people at Lambton Quay kicked up a fuss, because they didn't want to do anything too fancy.

Someone down there proposed a barbecue at our boss David's house, which he initially said was okay, because he didn't realise it was a serious suggestion. Then Lily and Farida at Lambton Quay insisted on everyone voting, and the restaurant was outvoted in favour of the barbecue. Only then, David realised it was actually happening and freaked out, and said he couldn't have that many people at his house.

And so we were back to square one, and I cracked up laughing. That night I had a message on my answer phone from Lily. It was back to a dinner plan, but ideally somewhere less formal than a proper restaurant, and maybe somewhere where people could go outside, like a barbecue but not a barbecue.

The next morning I got it all sorted. Booked out a room with a bar at Shed 5, by the waterfront. Finger food/buffet style food, drinks from the bar, and nice scenery if people wanted to go outside. Although I didn't see the point in that so much, as there was no way of knowing in advance whether it would be sunny or not.

But anyway. I booked the whole thing, and organised secret santa too, and I sent a million emails back and forth to this lady at Shed 5, and the whole thing is ready for Saturday. And despite Farida's resistance to dressing up in any way, most of us at Cuba St have decided to dress up formal anyway for the fun of it.

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