Keeping with the theme of the rally dispute going on lately i have decided to ask myself as to why i feel the need to hold onto the old style of rallies so much, why i don't want them to change and what rallies and Gaia itself means to me.

I was introduced to this site back when GoGaia was the site not Gaiaonline and have had hiatus, left, come back, changed accounts etc.. but for some reason ive always been drawn to this site. whether it be due to boredom, loneliness, meeting new people i have always traipsed back to this site in the end. Throughout the years i have dealt with so many walks of life, different culture and a few people who have left their mark for the rest of my life. i do not regret the journey, the outcome i do however but that is a completely different topic.

Rallies has been apart of Gaia and the culture of Gaia since it was introduced to Gaia. At first it was to test the car system but then it grew into a hang out and eventually into a cornerstone of Gaia itself. There is a culture in rallies, people would hang out within their own groups, randoms would come in and very seldom that person would stay and it would add to the group. Various communities one i had been a big part of which is the Naruto Community Thrived in rallies. The drama exploded and came to ahead in rallies whether it being guild related of he said she said bull sh*t. at the end of the day it ended in a rally and an argument.

Rallies for me is more sentimental than anything now. Ive had discussions with people in that virtual parking lot that would never cross my lip again. Some good, most bad. some of those people ill never see again, some of them i hope to. and others are no longer alive.

In conclusion i look towards the future and hope that this will be another failed addition to Gaia and they will revert the rallies to what it was. I couldn't see this new mashed up crap working and if it does than this site has moved beyond my time and i will slowly leave this place due to it.