I've been inspired by a manga.
Yes, a manga.
Black and white pictures and text, probably created by some middle aged, fat balding man in Japan.
But whatever, I've been inspired.
The manga is Denpa Kyoushi, in case anyone's wondering, or cares, or reading this, or hoping for an awesome manga, or a distraction from homework.
You see, in it, the main character suffers from a disease that he himself has created and dubbed 'ADW' or something like that, they mentioned it in the first chapter and I'm at the 33 chapter update thingy now. Yeah, reading fast, like a geek.
He can only do things that interest him, but his sister, a jerk with a bat, signs him up to become a teacher and forces him to go. He's also this super genius, but his only interest is anime and manga, so he gave up on it to purse that. Anyway, he becomes a teacher. He actually enjoys it and uses different teaching styles, then he's transferred to a new school. Yadda yadda, funny stuff, fillers, you know, that stuff.
And then, using his super genius-ness, he creates an app that he sends to everyone and is like "alrighty, this will give you all the questions and answers from every test. It calculates what you learn and the teacher's personality, so it's over 90% percent accurate." He did that because he believes that people study because they feel they need to, to get good grades on tests that cover a subject that in no way impacts their future, even in the slightest. He believes that everyone should pursue what they want to do, not need to do. So he does that, "you no longer need to study, but now you can focus on what you like to do." In the manga, everyone embraces the idea, and they focus more on clubs and the school really comes to life. Of course, I know that if this were to be done in reality, it'd be heavily abused and would only strengthen the already large-scale laziness that engulfs the world, or at least the US.

But it got me thinking, and inspired me, which brings me back to my original point paragraph thing, you know, about being inspired by the work of some middle aged man.
I want to be a writer, I love writing more than anything else (Well, with one exception) and to be able to do something like that for a living would be a real dream come true. But it's risky business, I know that. To sell books for a living is a dangerous way to live, because what if you spent years creating a book that you believe to be the best in the world, only to have it shot down. No money, no nothing to show for all the time you've spent on it.
I can't take risks, I don't know why. For some reason, I just can't. Maybe I had some traumatizing experience as a child where something horrible happened to me due to taking a risk, and my mind wiped itself clean of the memory so that it could spare me the pain, but subconsciously, if this happened, it lurks, waiting, growing, decaying my will and conscious, dulling my edges until I have nothing to fight with. That was a weird thing to say. Anyway, I couldn't take such a risk. So writing stays as a hobby.
I only want to be a computer engineer because I like computer and engineering sounds like it might be fun. Key word: sounds. I've never tried it, but I know it deals with a lot of math, and so far, I'm not doing so hot in that department. Of course, I suffer somewhat from an ADW thing (Doubt I could use that as an excuse at school though. "HEY, I ONLY GOT A BAD GRADE BECAUSE I HAVE A DISEASE CREATED BY A FICTIONAL CHARACTER IN A FICTIONAL WORLD." wink , if I have an interest in something, my grade spikes up, but I just can't find an interest in math. And my future job will deal with the thing I find uninteresting. Of course, I could learn to love it with time, but I'm not a "love the one you're with" kind of guy. I think you should aim for what you love, and never settle for second place in a competition of passions. That sounded perverted, never mind.
Anyway, this has inspired to me maybe take a risk or two.
For my major, I'm still sticking with engineering, since creating stuff sounds like fun, but I'm dropping programming as my minor, or secondary thing, or back up, whatever. I'll take a class in literature, grammar, English, so on and so forth.
My writing isn't the best, I admit that. You can probably see that through my writing right now, but that's because I'm tired, and not even that serious. I'm serious about writing, but this mini...essay?...of mine is just a collection of my thoughts and ideas, so I only focused on getting them down onto paper, or my computer screen, or maybe digital, magical paper, and these letters that I type are really the work of some sleep-deprived elves somewhere.

Anyway, that's what I wanted to type.
I got other stuff too, but I don't know how to exactly form them. I mean, they're in my head, but they can't be displayed that easily through words, spoken or typed. It's hard to explain.

Well, thanks for reading, I guess.