Maybe one day you can cross our souls bridge to the pathway, into the wintry cemetery, were we can finally become whole, were you and me can met amoungst the graves that have been kissed by winters kiss, amoungst my souls dead we can finally find peace. amoungst my dead, can you learn and see how i tend to the dead, as you kneel down and dust the snow off the graves you see they are all blank, you stand and look back at me as i start to sing to a section of graves and as i sing you notice the graves light up and you see names etched in to the stones, as you read you see that the graves are all my hopes and dreams,and mixed i are my ancestors as well. amoungst my graves i am happy amoungst the fallen i find peace as i sing and tend to them all... as you walk thru my graves you see one that appears to be fresh and recently dug, as you get closer you see words etched into stone, it is a lonely grave nothing grows near it and even the snow runs from it, as you read i walk behind you and saw out loud 'here lies the old-self the one most hated the one unneeded she lays dead and is finally in face turns to shock and you ask how i tell you of how i killed her, it is a gruesome tail, even as she died she still called for one most undesired, she is dead and buried.... i killed her for you.