Welcome to my brand rp list of rp Ideas! *inserts clapping sound track* this lists all the roleplays I am interested in and yes I will donate to those who roleplay with me.

1.School Bully x Greater female bully.
Yes this rp is about my character a school bully who meets his match when a young female student claims the school as hers. This story is about two forces that go against each other and require two dominant roleplayers.
main POV: Male bully x Female bully
gold(meaning how much I will pay you):3000-10000

2.Female Super hero versus clumsy villian
This rp is a quickie roleplay based on a Female saving the day from a villian who is in over his head. This will require a female roleplayer to take command and have a easy time doing so.
Main POV: Female hero

3:Male zombie x Female enchanter
Ha this is random, but its about a man who is on the brink of death after fighting off top mafia leaders. He dies for 15 minutes but is revived by a female enchanter who reanimates his body for protection. Will require patience to build plot.
Main Pov:Female enchanter

4.Treasure hunter x Assistant
This roleplay is all about hunting treasure, a Rich adventrous man leads his newly acquired assistant on treasure hunting trips. Question is what dangers lie ahead of them? This is a long rp based on adventures of our two characters, will require much attention.
Main Pov:Both

5.Video game Partners!
A little fantasy rp that focuses on two characters joining a realistic virtual world where they must battle forces and level up to be the strongest. This roleplay will be a long one and will require some discipline in leveling up and learning abilities and creating a good flow.
Main POV:both characters

6.Male ninja x Female Pirate
Do you think a Ninja could be of use to a pirate, who would win in a battle? this rp is about a female pirate captain that gets some unexpected help from a brave Ninja that joins forces with her cause. Until his mission is complete. This rp should be easy and flexible to do.
Main POV:Female character

7.Badass male Warrior X Amazing female Summoner
The world is in peril, two names common among all the land step forward to solve that problem. This rp is about trashing evil, destroying monsters, and trying not to destroy each others characters who conflict on how the world should be. In this rp I want to know what you see as a stable fantasy world, you will fight in this rp alongside someone who is opposite to your ideas. Now your goal is to get along, til the end.
Main POV : ?????

8.Giantess x Weak warrior
One weak warrior stumbles into a forest commanded by A woman of incredible height and strength. Her beauty also stunning as all the creatures obey her whim. The weak warrior falls prey to her beauty and strength but feels like a rat in comparasion as the forest bbecomes until attack by an army of hunters. This will require you to follow it to a key for it to end up well.
POV:Weak Male warrior

9.Male champion fighter x Female challenger.
This fight is about female power showing its true colors against disbeliving males. One in particular who goes from champion to slave in the eyes of a female fighter rising to even higher status. This rp requires female dominance to make it turn out well in the end.
POV:Female fighter