God! Here I am again. With so many people ranting about me not posting my histories and creepypastas, not even Altair could help me, not even Ezio could help me. It's true I've been seen in the Facebook often and in my game servers, but... Guys, I am HACKING LIKE CRAZY!!!

The other day, I was doing a Bloody White hack for you to appreciate, it turned out to be a failure, seeing how my drawer gave up on me. I did all the programing, and only the vid is done by now, nothing else.

Quit bugging me, for God's sake.


So, there is a girl, here on Gaia. MAN, how I would love to be her real life friend, she LIVES a Shoujo. No, more like an ero shoujo. I'll check into her life and I'll post at my FurAffinity. OAO