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CYS part 2
Yashiro came inside the house looking around carelessly, wondered about the girl who suddenly followed after Chris, and already knew the answer. In the evening, Chris felt a bit bored and went to the bedroom, thinking of a song. Shermie followed Chris and sneaked behind the door to see what he will do, he sat on the bed and started humming, then sang a song he made.
Chris: As long as I'm lonely...As long as I'm homeless...Nobody cares about me, nobody loves me...
Nobody will care...Everyone's having a good life, but I don't...
As soon as I gain friends, I lose them...
And being left alone...
After Shermie listened to him, she came inside the room, sat next to him and putted her arm around Chris' shoulders
Everybody cares about you, everybody does!
You're not lonely and not homeless!
Everybody will love you, and you're not lonely~~~
Chris was surprised that Shermie was listening to him behind the door all the time and his eyes got widened.
Shermie: Nice song, where did you get it?
Chris: I just made it, not official.
Shermie: Pretty neat! But it looks a bit saddening, don't you think?
Chris: Huh? I didn't know that.
Shermie: Mm~! Maybe you can sing this song if we'll have a concert.
Chris: ...What?! But I just sang this for-...
When Shermie quickly saw Yashiro passed by, she called him and told him about the idea, Yashiro accepted the idea but felt that it doesn't fit the genre of their band.
Shermie: What do you mean it's a bit 'out of character'?
Yashiro: We're a rock band, and not a pop band.
Shermie: Come on! What's the meaning of me sing my song 'Believe'?
Yashiro: Ah, fine...Just for once.
Shermie moved closer to Yashiro, making him more nervous, just to remind him something extra.
Shermie: Because we're a rock band doesn't mean that our genres are always rock~ Right?
Yashiro: .....Right.
The telephone rang, Yashiro walked fast to see who is the caller, and answered. Someone told them that they're having a concert next week in the center of Tokyo, agreed excitedly.
Yashiro: Right timi~ng!
Shermie: What?
Yashiro: We're having a concert in the center of Tokyo.
Chris: And then?
Yashiro: Hmm, and you'll be the one who'll sing this time.
Chris quickly wanted to change his mind about the song, but Yashiro insisted, Chris couldn't believe that he's the one who will be singing, looked up and lowered his head covering his face with a fading sound.
Chris: Ne~j.

To be continued

Miu Kurosaki
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