My Bio Story--Chapter 121

The water around me erupted nonstop.

I had to act quickly. My eyes widened as the water I stood on bulged up and exploded. I was thrown high into the air but caught myself. I fixed my position and weaved my fingers. "Lightning Style: Lightning Storm Technique!" From my fingertips, rays of lightning pierced through the steam and into the water.

A loud roar shook the skies as I saw a shadow figure within the steam. I aimed my hands toward the figure and electrocuted it. It let out a roar which ripped the steam away. I landed on the water with only my rubber shoes touching the surface. I have to avoid contact with the water after the technique I just pulled. But what of the beast who is in the middle of the lake?

As the steam lifted, I saw the beast's feet to its hind legs, to finally its head. The enormous white beast with horse-like feet stood facing me at a distance. It lowered its head as if to glare at me. Just behind it, five massive tails whipped the air.

The beast stood perfectly still on the water. After that technique I pulled of electrocuting the lake, it's not affected at all. It struck me as amazing to see how powerful this tailed beast is. It scraped the water with one of its front hooves and charged at me with great speed.

I was shocked to see how fast it was coming. It lowered its head and I jumped up, barely dodging its horns. I turned around in the air and tossed a smoke bomb at its eyes. It roared loudly which killed the smoke instantly. It opened its jaws and fired a black chakra sphere at me. I was sailing through the air with no ground to stand on to dodge. It's going to hit me, I thought.

I shut my eyes and knew my options were limited. I activated Tsukiyomi and gazed into the beast's eyes. Nothing was happening. Time for plan B. As the giant sphere shot out of the beast's jaws, I activated Devil's Mangekyou. I felt the heat starting to burn my skin. The light was too intense. I couldn't transform fast enough.

I knew that I was less than a few seconds away from annihilation. But just as quick as I had given up, the burning and the brightness stopped. All I could see was complete darkness and all that I could hear was a loud ringing. I felt my power rise. Am I dead? I slowly opened my eyes to see the sunlit sky. "Asuke, get up and fight!" called a muffled voice.

I groaned in pain as I saw myself floating in the water. I looked around and found Zetsu with my father. The two were taking on the Gobi extremely well.

Zetsu used the earth underneath the lake to try and cage the beast while my father helped me up.

"What happened?" I asked with a growling voice. I looked at my hands and saw that the Devil's Mangekyou had been successfully activated. "How?"

"Lucky for you, Zetsu and I managed to catch up just in time."

"A little help here!" exclaimed Zetsu.

"What happened to that demon sphere?"

"When I arrived, I used Kamui to divert it to another area. Speaking of which," started my father. I saw a small trail of blood dripping from the eye hole in his mask. There was a bright light which grew into the size of the demon sphere that almost killed me. It was placed just above the tailed beast. When it reached full size, it launched itself and made contact onto the Gobi.

The beast let out a painful roar as it was shrouded in smoke.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Kamui lets me absorb the attack and use it against the opponent. It's almost like stealing the attack to use it on anything or anyone else."

"So that giant demon sphere that almost killed me? You diverted its direction towards the beast?"


Another great reason why my father was so strong. He's a master of Kamui. When the demon fixed himself, we all knew he was beyond angry. He launched three demon spheres at our direction. My father placed a hand on my shoulder and we warped to a safe spot just to the right of the Gobi.

He tossed me in the air as Zetsu created an earth pillar for me to push myself higher into the sky. I summoned two clones behind me to create the giant rasengan. They both locked arms and helped me push myself up higher. They disappeared into a cloud of smoke as I was launched several feet higher.

With two hands to grasp the giant rasengan, I descended downward on top of the beast. "Take this!" I exclaimed. "Giga-Rasengan!"

I shut my eyes as the rasengan exploded onto the Gobi's back. The beast let out a painful roar as it fell onto the ground. I was laid flat out on the water gazing at the beast as it collapsed into the water.

"Asuke," called my father as he swept me up over his shoulder, climbing to safety. The beast was left disoriented after that massive attack. But it stood straight back up. Its five tails were coated in a different element. One tail was fire, another water, lightning, earth, and air. It stood facing us as we prepared for the worse.

"Fear not, Asuke! The worse has yet to come," cheered my father.