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Not a Scribe nor Stinographer It's me, Tei, as you guys know. Poet loriette and all that jazz.

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Ani and Conor 2
Ani looked at Conor before hopping down and taking the bowls to the sink. Going to the bathroom, he scrubbed at his teeth quickly before crawling into his bed, hugging the fox to his chest.

Conor took a couple sips of milk, shaking his head, he had no idea what he was doing, but he couldn't just turn Ani to the streets..or to someone the kid didn't know, though he seemed to do well with others. He stood from the table and headed into his bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Ani whimpered as he was woken by a loud crash. It came again, the light blinding him. He scrambled from the bed, almost dropping his fox as he rushed to Conor's bedroom, running headlong into the door. "Puppy!" He jerked the door open and ran onto the bed, scurrying under the covers and huddling against the man. "Puppy!"

Conor snapped awake, he'd fallen asleep "What? What is it?" He asked, pulling the boy into a protective hug "What's wrong?"

Ani pressed his face into his chest as the thunder rumbled again, worming deeper into his arms. "Puppy keeps Ani safe! Puppy keeps Ani safe!"

Conor held him close and looked around for a pair of headphones, he checked the music..good, it was that soothing classical music "Shh..shhhh it's okay..I'm going to put these over your ears, it'll keep you safe, it'll stop the thunder from scaring you." He nuzzled into Ani's hair and put the headphones over his ears, the quiet music playing, the sound of the storm outside muted considerably due to the noise reduction system in the headphones. He placed his chin in the dark hair, cuddling into him.

Ani squirmed as the headphones were put over his ears, whimpering and pushing at them until they came off. He planted his head onto Conor's chest again. "Nononononoo," he whined.

"okay so that's not going to work.." Conor shut the CD player off and snuggled into him, sighing. "I'll keep you warm, I'll keep you safe, the noise won't hurt you.."

"Puppy." Ani set his head against his chest, listening to his heart. "Puppy..." He yawned, falling asleep in the werewolf's arms.

Sam: These two are just..so cute <3

Me: Yeah?

Sam: -nodnod- yup..and Conor's gonna make sure he's taken care of~ He's definitely going to be doing a bit of..research as he's never come across someone like Ani though.

Me: Really? He's never come across someone like him before?

Sam: Well..he's never had to care of an Autisitc person before so he's kind of learning what not to do and what to do..and..I'm flying blind with this, actually..I don't know what not to do ect
So..I'll do some research about the symptoms ect..because I've never really met anyone with Autism before...

Me: Yes, you have.

Sam: -blinketh- -headdesks- right

Me: Also, if you want research, I can type you the chapter from my Exceptional Child textbook, I guess.

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