There I was in the 32 century thanks to time travel, stuck in this dismal, post-apocolytic wasteland. I had arrived at a bad time it seems, as this area is RUINED and bombed out and wasted, noting left but remains of a once thriving civilization or should I say one that had gone wrong someone.

I was not sure what type of weapons and technology exists in these advanced times, so I have no IDEA how to protect myself. Who knows if it's nuclear fallout or if the people of this time consider that an archaic concept, who knows. I've never traveled to this era before.

What am I doing here you say? It's my job, that's why I'm here, I get PAID to be a human guinea pig until time travel is perfected. If things go wrong and I get stuck then oh well, that's how it goes and I knew that when I signed up for this position.

Anyway, I'm rather concerned now, no LIFE AT ALL -not even an insect or a stray pet from this horrible tragedy, not yet anyway. I've been here 4 hours and 12 minutes now and no SIGNS of life, not yet anyway. Well, it's best to keep moving anyway, to continue my research and to help any survivors I may encounter and hopefully I will find some in time.