===With This Bow===
With this bow I ready the sonata
Playing as the inspiration falls in sight
Picking and plucking the notes as fruit from a branch
The bow is but a tool, presenting my insight

With this cello I play the sounds in my head
Evoking my feelings and verbalizing what I cannot
Opening a portal into my thoughts as a key to a door
The cello is a but a vessel, voicing my thought

With this heart, I steer the vessel and utilize the tool
Capturing my passions and guiding my tool
Seizing my temperaments and fueling my vessel
The bow is but a tool, The cello, a vessel

I play with the cello, using the bow
What you hear is my thoughts, not just the notes
Listen with the mind and not the ear
There is more under the surface
For I do not just play
With this cello or with this bow