Find me, I exist:

I lost my mythical unicorn many a summer ago,
it was when I was young,
still believing movie time was just that
and the best men lead.

I paid my price so long ago,
one of light
one of dark.
I have the scars to prove it.

The sun burned my skin till it boiled.
I peeled and oozed,
my skin turning scaled like the snake who sinned.
The moon filled me with its sweet nectar,
allowing insanity to reign,
and turning dreams to nightmares all over again.

I lost my mythical unicorn and ever since then,
no one has touched me the same.

He had a tongue of sparks,
sending little volts of pleasure through me.
His eyes were so dark I would lose my way,
and find him at the same time.
He took away my thoughts
and left me only with pain.
This unicorn of mine was meant to kill.

How will I ever survive,
when all along I was meant to die?