RP Profile -- Torlus
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General Info

Full Name: Torlus Z. Flameguard
Race: Soul bound crystal
Before: Draconian (Half-Dragon)
Age: Unknown
Status: Dead but not gone
Appearance: Temp image (Art coming later)

Abilities and other useful bits

Equipment, Gear, Items, etc.

Soul Bound Crystal -- This character has previously experienced death, but before his soul could pass on it was picked up and sealed to a crystal by powerful magic, thus prolonging his life.

Preservation Mode -- This is a state that is triggered when the Soul Stone is in extreme danger and takes control from Torlus. While in this mode Torlus has no control and his body acts upon instinct to insure its safety. This state can be identified when the usual red glow of the crystal turns to blue.

Quicksilver Body -- Having no body of his own Torlus has fashioned himself a body of Quicksilver that he can manipulate however he desires, within reason of course. He can repair damages and increase manipulation possibilities by binding more Quicksilver to his Soul Stone.

Magic -- Torlus has the ability to use many types of magic, specializing in fire magic and sub-speced in healing. Most specialized magic can be performed without the use of a spellbook or other tools, but other forms of magic and high end spells require the use of such materials.

Relapse -- Torlus does not require sleep but if he uses a large amount of magical energy in a short period he may lose control of his body. During these time he must retreat inside his Soul Stone and rest to recover. All of Tor's magical effect on himself or others will cease function, including his body which will lose its form and leave the crystal exposed.

History: After his homeland was destroyed by war the young draconian Torlus wandered the land until finding employment under Kago Yasutaka, aka Spec. During his service as Spec's lieutenant Torlus fought in many conflicts before their squad was put on stand by. During these peaceful times Torlus continued to follow Spec eventually leading him to the Lost Night's Tavern (before the thread remodel).
Torlus spent much of his time at LN but with no calls for battle he became restless and began seeking work as a sell-sword. His new work lead him to do some things he rather forget and eventually it all caught up to him and he lost his life. But before he could vanish he was saved by a man who hide his face and went by the name Shade. Shade had saved Torlus by binding his soul within a large crystal, while he could move in this form via levitation, he found it very awkward. To remedy till Shade bound a large amount of quicksilver to the crystal. With this Torlus could manipulate the metal how ever he desired and he used it to fashion himself a metal body resembling a suit of armor.

Before departing Torlus asked Shade what he could do to repay him, but the man merely said that he needed nothing now but would collect about that debt another at a later time. And with that Torlus left his strange savior behind and made his way to the residence of friend, Vardic an elven ranger he had fought beside many times during his work as a sell-sword. Torlus stayed at Vardic's place for a time to rest and get used to the new body. Some time later he left bringing Vardic with him as extra help, since he wasn't completely used to his condition yet and wasn't sure if he could hold up in combat yet. Together they traveled to LN to reunite with old friends and meet new faces who had gathered during his absence.

Putting his merc days behind Torlus once again knew peace, staying at Vardic's place and traveling to LN whenever he could find the time. But peace never lasts forever and Tor's ended when Shade appeared before him one night when returning from LN. Shade had come to collect his favor and having no right to refuse Torlus followed Shade down whatever path lay before him.

The memories Torlus has after that time are hazy and fragmented, but when he returned to himself he had a heavy feeling of shame and regret and could not bring himself to return to his friends. Instead he set off on his own to wander again and to try and repent for the sins he could not recall. After many years of this Torlus found himself once again at LN, but it was not the LN that he remembered. This was not the place Torlus had once called home and he wordlessly departed unnoticed. After a time he met Spec again and resumed his role as lieutenant.

That which is now...