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Kuu's Image Galleries and Blog
This journal is for various image posts and little tid-bits I want to write down.
Unfinished Writing and Concepts
I bet you probably didn't know that I actually like to write. Even though I'm not a very good writer, I love to write stories and concepts. I'd like to share some of my work with you, here, go ahead and check these pages out. And please comment below if you like it or have a question. I would really like some feedback.

Here's the prologue to a series I started in 2009 called Shrouded Surge. The first book was going to be called Bolt Flux and was supposed to be centered around a boy who ends up as a Sniper for the Red Army in Russia.

The series as a whole actually isn't a historical retelling, it's more like a science fiction piece, like a novel styled comic-hero story. The series was going to contain 5 books, each one covers the story of 5 different characters who end up on the same team. The main character of each book was to change, but go back to focus the main character from the first in the series Bolt Flux, the character Genom actually ends up as the captain of the team in the 6th book.

Anyways, what happened is I wrote this story for about 2 years and nearly completed the first novel, but it was lost when my hard drive stopped working, and I lost all of it, which is why I now use Google Docs.

Shrouded Surge: Bolt Flux - Prologue

The next piece is another prologue, but this series went no where from it's current state and I don't plan to continue it further. The idea was to write a story about a wandering being who lived in space and time as an immortal. He acts as the planet's Grim Reaper who knows the secret to the way life works, and because he's all powerful, has set rules and perimeters to the beings below him. He is both a god and also just one of many 4th Dimensional travelers. Earth is and has been his experiment since it's beginning which was only moments ago in his time.

The problem with this story is that although it sounded fun to write in my head to just tell a story about what a REAL grim reaper would be like. It's very difficult because of how complex it is to explain and understand. It also came off as pretentious. Anyways, it would have revolved around the creator of Earth living as a human on Earth and focus on him living his life trying to find a reason for existence.


Fed up with how Activision treats it's Call of Duty series, I decided I could conceptualize a much better First Person Shooter myself. I did quite a bit of research and compiled a balanced list of guns, perks, and other things I would want in the perfect First Person Shooter. The list itself is probably pretty boring to read, but this is something that when very bored I sometimes start editing again. If I ever get the chance to send this in to someone who can make it a reality I might try my luck and finish it. But, I have pretty much stopped working on this due to the fact that making a game this complex is very far out of my reach at this point.

Unfinished First Person Shooter Concept

This was a poem that a friend of mine left behind and never finished, I took it and kept most of it in as it was originally written, but added quite a bit to it. I haven't given it a new name, but I don't plan on publishing it or anything.

No name poem

This was a quick little idea I had coming home from school one day. It was going to be about a strange boy who somehow worms his way into making a bunch of money by tricking people or helping people solve social problems, he would use his natural intellect and silver tongue to make money. The part I actually have written was just a start for the first chapter about how he gets the idea. This part was also made to describe the character who ends up going by the nickname Silver. The story more or less contains quite a bit of my own real life feelings toward things like school and people. (Considered changing the name to Silver Accent)

Silver Dialect

Here's a concept for a Survival RPG based on dreams and alter realities. Think, Persona 3 and Resident Evil put together. Inspired by the latter and also an Anime called Mirai Nikki. The gist of the game was going to be that you must balance real life and a dream life. In the real life you're trying to find someone who's after you, and avoid investigators. In the dream life you're trying to survive not being killed (Which in turn kills you in real life.) while also escaping the dream world, which can't be done unless you actually kill someone else. It was great concept, but boring to setup, I actually revised this idea several times. The hard part is that not only do I want to conceptualize this idea, but I'd have to write a story to go with it. So this is both a story and a concept.

Savor the Nightmare

The last one I'll share is called Restless Banshee, it was going to be a short novel about a high school student trying to solve a murder mystery. But he ends up being lent some powers by his dead classmates through their dead spirits. The spirits tell him that basically he has to kill the murderer or otherwise he and his family will also be killed. Some trouble I had in writing this was trying to fit in a second idea. I wanted there to be a circumstance where the main character would end up also having to deal with evil spirits as well as getting help from the spirits of his classmates. Therefor I devised that the real murderer would not be a person at all, but rather a banshee, a ghost, who is being manipulated. I can't recall the reason for picking New Zealand as the location.

Restless Banshee

If you took the time to read any of these stories/concepts, I thank you for your time.

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