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Not a Scribe nor Stinographer It's me, Tei, as you guys know. Poet loriette and all that jazz.

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Ani and Conor
Conor was cornered in his bedroom, already having been attacked, slashes on his fur and muzzle, the blood already dripping onto the laminate flooring of his bedroom. He tried to make himself as small as possible, which was difficult for a 7 foot wolf. Burnt Umber gaze wide and fear-filled.

The boy stood in the doorway to the bedroom, shaking. "P-P-P-P-Puppy?" A knife was clutched in his hand. "LEAVE PUPPY LONE!" he shouted then.

"Pathetic human boy.." The Alpha turned a red gaze on Ani, speaking in his mind. "You do not have the strength to take me on."

"LEAVE PUPPY LONE!" Ani screamed, voice rising a little in fear at the voice. "ANI SAID LEAVE PUPPY LONE!"

"He is not your concern child..he is a Loner. He must be punished.He has broken the rules.." The Alpha glared at Conor.

"LEAVE. PUPPY. LONE." The boy stepped forward at each word, sinking the blade deep into the Alpha's flank.

The Alpha howled in pain, about to strike Ani. Conor's eyes narrowed and he tackled the Alpha "DO NOT touch him!" He snapped "Don't you dare harm this pup..." His eyes flared bright amber and he fought with the White Wolf for about five minutes before the Alpha gave up, he'd wounded Conor rather badly. The White wolf took off. Conor wavered on his paws and fell down.

Ani dropped the knife, moving over to the wolf's side as he threw his arm around him, shaking and sniffling. "Puppy. Puppy." He stroked the wolf's head. "Puppy..." Tears trickled down his face. "Puppy. Be good, stay, shh. Safe. Safe..." His voice broke. "Safe...Safe with Ani..."

Conor whined quietly, bleeding semi-heavily, he gazed up at Ani and licked his cheek, weakly wagging his tail, gaze closing.
He snuggled closer to the boy, yawning slightly.

"No... Puppy... No sleep..." Ani sobbed. "Puppy... Puppy! Puppy!" He shook the wolf's head as he buried his face into the bloody neckfluff.

Conor whined and opened his eyes, gazing up at him and licking his cheek softly. He felt horrible.

"Puppy...Puppy no sleep...Puppy no sleep..." the boy continued to sob. "Not like Mama...not like Mama..." He began to rock then, snot and tears and drool dripping from his face. "Be good, stay, shh. Be good, stay, shhh."

Conor's eyes widened and he whined heavily, struggling to his paws to get up. He growled softly, nuzzling him gently then giving a frustrated growl. He couldn't get through the stupid door!
He nosed Ani gently, pushing his nose into the male's chest.

Ani looked up, shaking, hugging onto his head. "Puppy..." He kissed his head, rubbing his neck, hiccuping. "Puppy..."

Conor wagged his tail weakly. His ears perked forewards, he gave a soft whine and reaching one massive paw around the boy as a sort of hug.

"Puppy," Ani whispered, burying his face into the wolf's chestfluff. "Puppy safe."

(...this is such an 'awww' moment)
Conor nuzzled him gently, too weak to keep up the transformation, he shifted back to human, and the cutes were deep on him. "..Bathroom.." He rasped.

Ani nodded, hugging the man as he stood up and pulled him to the bathroom.

Conor stumbled alongside him, shuddering a bit "..First aid kit..in the cupboard."

Ani reached up and took it down, opening it up. He looked at Conor, holding up the box of band-aids.

"Clean the wounds first..." He said quietly as he sat heavily down on the toilet lid. 'Antiseptic."

Ani dug in the box and held up a bottle. "This?"

Conor swiped the blood trailing into his only good eye and nodded "Yes"

Ani poured the stuff onto the cuts.

Conor growled softly and gritted his teeth, closing his eyes "okay..take a hot cloth, clean the wounds.." He murmured.

Ani looked at him confused. "H-hot cloth?"

Conor grabbed a cloth and forced himself to stand, he turned on the hot tap and once it was hot enough, he put the cloth under the water and kept the water running "Clean three wounds, then rinse the cloth out"

Ani nodded and did as he was told, hands shaking. "P-Puppy..."

"I'll be okay." Conor said gently. "Just keep at it."
He reached over, carefully placing his hand on Ani's head "Thank you for saving me"

Ani looked at him and threw his arms around his neck. "Ani keeps Puppy safe!"

He winced "...Puppy keeps Ani safe too." he said quietly and hugged him.

Ani continued cleaning the wounds as he was hugged, nuzzling into the man's neck. "Puppy stays with Ani?"

"Only if Ani..doesn't leave the apartment if I tell him not to touch me when I'm transforming." Conor replied softly.

"Mean Puppy," the boy sniffed.

"I say it to keep you safe..I get wild when I'm in pain. I don't want to harm you." Conor explained.

"Mean Puppy." The boy frowned at him and kept cleaning.

"No, Protective Puppy." He replied and leaned back a little bit to allow the cleaning.

"Mean Puppy." He frowned and washed out the cloth again, scrubbing the last of the wounds.

He shook his head "At least you're not hurt." he winced as one on his leg was scrubbed "hn..."

"Mean Puppy hurt Ani." He dropped the wash cloth in the sink again.

Conor's eyes widened "Wh-what?"

"Mean Puppy made Ani cry." He pushed the man's shoulder.

Conor winced, gritting his teeth in pain. "..I didn't mean to, I'm sorry." He said softly.

Ani pushed his shoulder again, leaning his head into his chest. "Bad."

Conor whined a little "..bandages...still bleeding here."

The boy picked up the band-aids and began sticking them onto the wounds. When the box ran out, he looked at the big wad of cloth in the box and then at Conor, confused again.

Conor gave a soft smile and took the gauze, he wrapped it around the deeper wounds after applying the proper stuff before putting the cloth stuff on "okay, that should do it."

Ani looked at him before sighing and getting up, crawling into the bed. "Bad Puppy sleeps on soft bench."

"...Alright.." Conor was seriously in no mood to argue so he shuffled to the couch and flopped down on it.

By morning, Ani had dragged the blankets and pillows to the loveseat and covered them both, nestling into Conor's side.

Conor groaned in pain as twinges of pain came full-flood into his body "Agh!"

"Puppy?" Ani looked up at him, sniffling, tears still staining his face.

"...Just a bit of pain. I'm fine." Conor assured him, gaze softening at those teary eyes "Ani..stop crying, please"

The boy leaned his face down into Conor's chest, whining softly as he wormed into him. He kissed at the bandages one by one, looking up at the man when he'd finished. "Better?"

Conor cuddled him gently. The kisses had made it worse, with how..tingly he felt "..I'll just have to deal with the pain"

Ani looked at him as he settled his head into the crook of his neck, putting an arm over his chest. Blinking back tears, he mumbled, "Soft Puppy, warm Puppy, little ball of...band-aids. Happy Puppy, sleepy Puppy, woo, woo, woo."

(-bites lip to stifle giggle-)
Conor nuzzled into him gently "Soft boy, sweet boy, little ball of cute, Happy boy, sleepy boy.." He grinned.

"Woo woo woo?" Ani finished, looking up at him and nuzzling back.

"Woo, Woo, woo." Conor beamed.

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