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Descriptions random doodles thought
MAN items originated from some strange joke within the staff with tags such as "creepy" and "nerd" revolving around Reapersun. Most are only found in Alchemy, thus extremely rare and difficult collecting them. They are listed in order of their appearance in marketplace value. They all make references to familiar subjects, but of course some are out of reach in my thoughts just like the items themselves. щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

User ImageMANtis ('Crazy Girlfriend Praying Mantis' meme)
MANtis says he just wants to be friends, but it's obvious he wants more than that.
Emerald Seed Mar 2009

User ImageBananaman (Mr. Banana Grabber, animated character from the TV show Arrested Development)
I should have never given away animation rights!
Midsummer Swirl Jun 2009

User ImageBusinessman (Japanese businessmen?)
He's in the business of standing a little too close for comfort, and you're his biggest client.
Dark Reflection Aug 2009

User ImageMAN2O (Anime/Video Game)
Get comfortable, because this guy is going to be standing behind you while making strange breathing noises for a long, long time.
..........Poseidon's Legacy Feb 2010

User ImageMANKING (TV show The Tudors?)
Congratulations! You've been granted an audience with your king. Try not to squirm too much.
Final Reign Aug 2010

User ImagePillowMan (Dakimakuras aka love pillows)
He just wants to spoon you all night long.
Prize & Joy Nov 2010

User ImageFIGHTMAN (Tyler Durden from the movie Fight Club)
He wants to stand very close behind you and breathe as hard as he can.
Love Charm II Feb 2011

User ImageRefreshMAN (Movie)
When he asked you to the movies you said no. Like that'll stop him.
Screen King Jun 2011

User ImageNorman (Norman Bates from the movie Psycho, pretty much all MANs are him in disguise)
This man has great potential. To make you as uncomfortable as possible.

User ImageBroMANce (Lady Gaga's song "Bad Romance" and doppelganger love)
He tries standing beside himself to see how it feels. Honestly he can't see why you're so averse to it.

User ImageMANtis Sr (Halloween 2k10 Grave Danger; the movie Ghostbusters; also is Norman's father)
Norman's deceased father is much less creepy than his offspring... if only because ghosts are SUPPOSED to hover behind you and breathe on your neck.

User ImageBathman (Bubble bath scene with Ryan Gosling in the movie The Notebook)
You thought you'd found some privacy when he went to the bathroom. You were wrong.

User ImageVitaMAN ('House X' meme about Dr. Gregory House from the TV show House)
Lean over. Okay, now cough.

User ImageWoMAN (Movie; Norman's mother/sister depending on context of movie?)
There's something about her that you can't put your finger on...

User ImageMANnequin (Horror Movie/R. L. Stine?)
You're suspicious when it's the only one not wearing clothes, but the store manager just won't listen.

User ImageGentleman (Stock British gentleman phrase known as "I say, old chap, that's just not cricket" wink
He's a proper stalker, I do say.

User ImageMANthro (Furry fandom and its infamous reputation)
He feels it's important that you know about this. You feel like it was very important that you never did.

User ImagePokeman (Monster Galaxy which references Pokemon in its mechanics; dude is dressed up as Trolo the Moga)
He wants you to catch him in your magic ball...

User ImageMANga-kun (Joke about otakus and description is a quote James Franco said in the TV show 30 Rock)
Objects are made by men for many purposes. But we never... love... objects.

User ImageO'Manan (Conan O'Brien; description likely references the Jay Leno dispute)
I would be suspicious of someone like me.

User ImageMANinthemoon (Feist's song "My Moon My Man" wink
You hoped you were alone in the dark, but then he lit up the night just for you.

Miscellaneous items:

User ImageSDPlus #053 Norman (Stands on either side in MAN form and allows you to equip his arms)
Small enough to hide wherever you'll least expect him.
Ships Happen Feb 2013

User ImageCatastrophe! (One pose with cat in Norman suit w/o glasses or boxers; released after RefreshMAN)
My cat accidentally the photo shops.
Formerly available in Cash Shop

User ImagePlastic Lunchbox (Handheld pose of lunchbox featuring MANtis; released after Businessman)
Day 32 of peanut butter and jelly, carrot sticks and apple slices... it's like mom's not even trying anymore.
Formerly available in Cash Shop

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