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Name: Male: Tait Anton Monrey, Female: Utani Mesmra Monrey

Name Meaning: Male: Tait- I wanted a name that could be found on Skyrim, who apparently has a lot of Nordic names, which Tait is. Also, I started watching American Horror Story and fell in love with the character Tate lD. Anton- The middle name of Franz Mesmer, the creater of Animal Magnetism, which later turned into Hypnotism =3. And of course I would love to carry on the last name x3.

Female: Utani- once again, I wanted something that sounded Nordic to tie in with the Skyrim theme. also, I like that it has 'Uta' in it, so I can claim I have an Uta rofl . Memsra- Sounds like Mesmer lD. And of course the family sirname x3.

Temper: Enegmatic

Personality: I will be using this personality for both genders, talking mainly as if the basket is a male. But it will be almost exactly like it if it is a female. The only change probably being that it would have a softer side when trying to get information.

Tait has always been facinated with the mind. He sees it just like a clock, as a working mechanism with many interlocking cogs. He has grown attached to using a clock to so to say 'pick' the secrets out of that machine. From either a passer by or family, he has learned of hypnotism, and is highly amused by it.

Tait is also quite head strong and passionate. He believes full heatedly that what he does works. And that all he need do to get results is to look deep enough with his watch's help. He is confident in what he says and how he feels. That may be a reason why he is so good at hypnotism, that he easily convinces others with their words, and that he can make others feel so at ease around him. I would almost describe him as a goofy Casanova.

He is good at judging a situation *focusing on emotions* and knowing what to do and how to react in such a situation. Though, in the field of actual assassination, he is still new and learning. He is much better at making others let their guard down so his Brothers can slip in and kill the enemy for him.

Tait can be a little too proud some times. If someone was able to evade his charms, he would be a little taken aback by them, and also intrigued.

Family is very precious to him. His life during a foal and young adult is practically centered around his family. Though, once he joins the Brotherhood, he will only get to see them maybe once a month.

Also, hearing that his grandfather helped others pass on by being a mortician, I think lets him kind of ease into killing more easily then if he had not known. He might even ask his grandfather his views and how he does his killing.

Do you Like to RP?: Sometimes =D. I find I like rping foals and love stories the most nwn<33. I'm not too good at keeping up with guild rps, but I can rp on aim x3.

As of yet, I don't really have many ideas for the foal. But I do have some ideas for the adult nwn.

I would like him to some how find his way to Flann's Dark Brotherhood. I think his hypnotism skills could be very useful there. He would hypnotize other members who had minor pains to convince them that their achs and pains are less or null. That way they can pay more attention to the assassination instead of their pains. He would also help when they have a prisoner, or someone they want to get information from. If it is someone they want to get information from but don;'t want to be known, he could use his charms and smooth talking/fun side to put them at ease and sometimes enemies let information let slip that way. If it is for some kind of prisoner, he would hypnotize them and make them tell their secrets. I would also like him to know a little about herbs. That way he can use those to help him as well.

Prompt Response: #2

Rp Responce
Tait watched as his siter chased a butterfly closer to the woods. His brows furrowing in confusion as to why anyone would want to chase a butterfly. A twitch of his lips and a small sigh led him following her to the woods. She was his sister, and he loved her, no matter how silly she could be. And he wouldn't allow a sibling to go galavanting alone anywhere. So, he followed.

Or at least he believed he was. His dear little sister had turned a corner behind a tree, and turning the same corner, saw her nowhere in sight. Furrowed brow returning once again, he stopped to look around. "Phee?" his voice seemingly echoing against still trees. "Phee, where did you go?" Now his hooves started to leave deeper tracks as he started to run, calling out her name.

He called to her what seemed like a decade of minutes, though surely it had only truly been around ten. And suddenly he stopped. His eyes had been open, looking every where but in front of him and he had run into another soquili. Tait shook his head to get the butterflies out, sitting on his rump in the dirt as he gained his barrings.

The stars, that's how far it was like to look up at the stallion above him, like looking at the stars. Tait's eyes grew wide as if he really were looking at the stars. A sentance whispered from his lips "Who are you?"

The stallion above him quirked an eyebrow above him, then belted out a laugh. "No one special, I guarentee yee that." He bent and gave a little sniff to the foal and smiled "Who be yee then?" The butterflies had almost gone completely from his head, but not enough to clearly understand this odd stallion.

"Uhhhhh..... I'm...Tait." As he got to his feet and looked him in the shoulder. "I'm...." He paused as he thought. Should he tell this stallion that he and his helpless sister were out here alone? Surely his sister had gotten home by now. If he could get this stallion to his father, his father would know what to do. All he need do was get him to stay calm till he could get him there. This would be a perfect time to try out what he had heard about! He had tried hypnotism on animals, with very limited success. Maybe he could succeed with a grown stallion!

"I, I was just training my hypnotism, thats all." Giving a cheesy smile to the stallion, hoping he fell for it. And he did, for them most part. "Hypnotixm? What is Hypnotxim?" As the stallion tilted his head. Tait giggled at the expression on his face, then cleared his throat and tried to be serious again. "Hypnotism is where I put you to sleep while you are awake. Giving another cheesy grin. "I can tell you to do something and you'll do it without knowing you are doing it, and then if I want, make you forget it." Proud and happy of what he had learned, even if it was little and he hadent mastered it yet.

The stallion stared at him silently for a moment, then fell down to his knees in laughter. "Asleep while awake? What kind of sillyness is this yee speak of? Oh, if you could do that, I'd give you anything." Tait glared at the bigger stallion grumpily. "Well, well, if I did do it, you wouldnnt have a choice!" But this only made the bigger stallion laugh more.

Tait started to sniffle as small tears welled in his eyes, glareing silently at the dirt. Finally the stallion was able to calm himself. "All right, if you think you can do it, you are welcome to try, little one." Tait's eyes raised as he looked at the stallion in the eyes now. "Okay, but stay like that, its easyer!" And the stallion sagely nodded his head.

Tait pulled the watch his father had given to him and held it with his side teeth so that he could still talk. Swinging it gently till is was steadily swinging side to side in a slow rocking motion. "You are getting sleepy. You can feel your eye lids grow heavy as you watch this sway, back, and forth. Back, and forth." Tait continued with the mantra he had been taught till the stallions eyes looked distanced and fogged over. "You will now pay attention to my voice, and not the watch. You will obey what I tell you. If you understand this, then nod your head." A second passed as Tait held his breath. Then, slowly, the stallion nodded his head and it took every thing Tait had not to squeal happily.

It had worked! He had actually done it! And to someone much bigger then him. Tait took a slow deep breath through his nostrils and began to speak again. "You will now stand, and follow me to my father, where you will snap out of your hypnotism and explain to him what you are doing in our lands." The stallion nodded again, then suddenly, turned to the direction he had come from and galloped away.

Tait stood there for half a second in surprise and confusion, then belted after him. "NO! WAIT!" What had happened? What had gone wrong? Oh if only he knew. Suddenly he remembered,the safety word! All he had to do was yell out the word and the stallion would snap out of it. He opened his mouth to yell and got it full of leaves as a branch whipped by him. Choking on the leaves, he tried to spit them out. "Wait!" Tears starting to run down his face as he tried to keep up with the stronger, faster stallion. Out of beath, muscled burning, a flash lit in his memory. He had forgotten to include a safety word. In his hurry to get to his father, he had forgotten to tell the stallion a safety word.

Tait started to sob as he stopped hearing any running. He saw a break in the tree line and ran to it, knowing that was where the other had gone. But on the other side of the tree line, was about a yard of soil and a long drop down. Which Tait almost fell down if had not stopped so suddenly and been so tired that his running had turned into a fast walk. His burning eyes shut tight as his stinging lungs burned in his throat. Afraid to turn his head down to stare down the cliff.

Finally, an eternity later, as his blurred eyes began to clear, he looked down the long cliff. Sniffling, he searched, scanning to find what he hoped to be the odd stallion who had not believed in his powers. And he found him, though he wasn't smiling up at him. He was laying, sprawled on the ground below, his grandfather Julius staring up at him from below. Tate whimpered as a fresh sob stuck in his throat at seeing his grandfather. Not sure whether to be glad or afraid. Probably both. Tate tried to clear his runny nostrils with one last long sniffle as he searched the cliff side for a possible way down. Grandfather Julius had already started his process, but he was sure to want to know what had happened. And it was only right that Tate help. Slowly, he made his way down the cliff, to end his first experience of 'success'

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Omg, that was fun xD. Hrrr, and I'm all attached now xD. This is so great, thank you Laro and Thal for the opportunity =D!!!

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