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And even more text.
Dear Kashi,

I do not know where to begin in explaining and apologizing. I've done you many, many wrongs but please understand, Brother, please hear me out.

I've fooled everyone into thinking I cannot read or write when in fact it was the President herself who taught me after my creation. I am thankful for this piece of education because I cannot draw. The triplets laughed at my drawings and I laugh with them, I am truly nothing compared to your artistic talent. You could become famous on that alone.

But again, I am thankful for my writing ability because I write my visions. I have had as many as you. I have notebooks upon notebooks filled with them and a single vision can take five pages for me to describe. I do not know how far you have seen or what you have seen, I have never looked into your drawing pads, but the future is both horrifying and glorious, Brother. Our countries may seem dead and separate from the glory they live in now, humans crawling all over them and acting as though they own the land they live on but our race, our own nations live on despite their names changing and the humans ruling it. Nalaenir has long changed its name, the humans have ruined the outer world, the one they live on, but Nalaenir runs in the shadows of that snow covered place. The people of Nalaenir, due to the earth splitting, had to move further north to be in a land that was like theirs. It is large and vast, empty and filled with snow, but they live there in peace, trading with the other nations. Many do not enter this human land so Nalaenir now has little threat. Their winters are fierce and humans do not survive. The fierce winter helped this land win a war against another man, this man's territory being in what used to be Nalaenir. This man's mentality, the cruelties of this man. King Istavia would tremble in fear.

There is Reta and it lives below Nalaenir. Obviously the borders are a mix of both cultures but beyond that it is the rich and colorful Reta that it always has been. It is hot and there are long fields of desert. There are other parts which are heavily industrialized to where you cannot even see the stars anymore. Some old Retian practices have been taken up by the humans but the Retians themselves do not do them anymore, not with Nalaenir hovering above them as one large human country. Reta is divided among much smaller human countries so the culture is different where ever you go. Latia and Pathera are the same, divided among human countries. After that it begins to blend with Falia.

Falia has grown much smaller since the humans claimed the land, but it is still as mysterious to humans as it is to us. All of the countries are so far apart and separated that it cannot be helped but to isolate ones self. But it is a place of magic and mystery that even the humans protect it. However since the earth split Falia is split into two along with Nalaenir. There are two large bodies of land, in the second one only Nalaenir and Falia rule over it, but there is a place between the countries which is a place that despite believing in magic, seems to have none. It used to belong to Falia and Nalaenir but the humans moved and destroyed many of our species. Many of our kind do live in it, but that is a place no country wants to rule. They merely watch it cautiously. There are many areas in that new world like that and I have included a map to show you what I mean. Again, sadly, I am not the artist you are. I can see that I have missed many landmarks.

But I could go on and on forever about the things I have seen. My journals are hidden beneath the floorboards. Please take note, Brother, that when the future is shown to another it becomes truth. I do not know if the visions I have had are the ones you have had, but I beg of you to read them. I have not only seen the future of our world but that of yours and mine, of your friends. There is a gift for you with my journals as well, I saw that you would need it and I was foolish enough to tell someone about it, forgetting that when the future is spoken it becomes truth. I am so sorry. I am so terribly sorry, Brother, for all the wrong I have knowingly and unknowingly committed towards you.

When I was created the first vision I had was that of my own death and I wanted so desperately to not die that way. I cried to the President of this horrifying vision and she promised to protect me, saying the cause of my death would be you. That is when we first met, do you remember? She had led me to the large room you resided in, though it was split through the middle by a wooden wall resembling a cage, the floor on the other end raised. That is where you lived as their seer. You were so frail and weak, sobbing, apologizing to the President. I was aware of how much pain my creation had caused you and I wanted to protect you. I never believed you would be the death of me. Never, Brother, did I believe it. It is terrifying to look back on, when we were so young and naive, me her personal servant and you a seer, punished due to something that was not your fault but theirs.

But she had always been so kind to me, Brother, I knew then, seeing you so broken, that she was so evil. I was never going to kill you, I would have killed myself to save you had I not been such a coward. It was not until we resided in Nalaenir did I actually meet you for the first time, seeing who you truly were, brother. Brother I am so sorry, by then I had predicted and told so many futures that ours was already sealed. I tried so hard to fight them, trying to fight against my own death and what would happen to you. I can only pray you've survived because I did not share that with anyone. You are such a beautiful and kind person and I wanted so desperately to be like that but you hated me so. You despised me and I knew not what I could do to make you like me or love me like I did you.

I do not know why you wished to be me. I am nothing more than a puppet with no free will of his own. I wanted so desperately to be you but you hated me for the president liking me. Brother, Brother I made sure she despised you. I did not want you to be hurt by her words, you did not understand that you were safe in that cage. You were protected and when I went to visit you I only checked to make sure you were alive. It was my duty and I was more than happy to do it, please, please understand how desperately I loved you and wished for your safety. In Nalaenir you only hated me worse and I do not understand why. My education got me work to pay for your safety, I would never rub it in your face.

Then after that we were employed by the king and I was so happy when you grew nicer, possibly because I made myself incompetent and you were so happy to be accepted and meet new people. I must admit, I did not mean to turn the female population against you, that was an accident and that one time renewed your hatred in me. I supposed that you hating me was better than nothing so I continued like a selfish child crying for attention. And I was.

If Tsume is reading this to you go with him to Falia. I had a vision you went with him and you were happy, and you were handsome, and you were so at peace with life. I hate Tsume because he grew close to you in a few days in what took me years to accomplish despite it only lasting a few months. I truly do envy him for that. But please go with him to Falia, you were happy there and I wish for nothing more than your happiness, Brother.

When I saw my death again for the second time, I was not screaming due to my own fate, I was screaming because I thought I had not changed yours. I know I have, but mine has remained constant. Death does not frighten me, brother. If it is to save you then I shall gladly accept it. I love you so very much and I do not know if this love is that of a sibling or in the way a man loves a woman, but just know I love you deeply.

If I can be reborn again I wish it to be your sibling through blood, this way I can repent for the cruelties I've brought upon you in this life.

With much love and regret,
Ipo von Willow.

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