There is part of me that is growing in understanding, yet another that still only knows the dark part of you. There are moments when you seem overjoyed to hold me, even give me the tiniest word of encouragement. Yet there are others when there seems to be only disgust and distain for me in your eyes. To say that i do not understand it is illogical, i have understood it since it started. Your anger, pain, emotion and wrath shows. In those moments it is hard to understand in which direction your anger will show. Though subtle spite still shows. I know you care for your other friends and seek their continued friendship, but realize how isolated i am. How alone, and lonely i am. There is no one i am able to speak to on a consistent basis no one i can seek counsel from. I am alone. And in that aloneness i can see you loneliness and pain. All that i ask is that you forgo punishment on me for the suffering you have had because of another.