Privet everyone~! I know no one reads my journal entries, but I like to reminisce sometimes, y'know? c:

So, ah, anyways. How's life for ya? I hope you're having a wonderful day! If not, then cheer up! If you want to rant or if you have a problem and think no one is there to listen, then please talk to me! I will listen to anything you have to say, don't be afraid. I don't bite!

My life, is going okay for me. Found out I was bipolar. There are days when life is going up and down, but hey. You just have to keep going, don't'cha? And please, if anyone's contemplating suicide, don't. Don't think there isn't anyone who cares, because even if I don't know you, I care. There's so much to live for, and I know sometimes it seems almost impossible to hold on, there is still a thread of hope. I promise, life gets better. And if you think it's not, and think that you're all alone, then come to talk to me. We can become friends. I will care, I will listen, I will befriend you. After all, friendship is a beautiful thing; and everyone should experience it.

Have a nice day/ evening/ goodnight!