It’s all in the details. The way someone stops smiling the moment you aren’t looking. How their answers become shorter, their laughter a little bit more forced for every time. You’ll sometimes catch them with a distant look in their eyes, as if they’re staring into the big nothingness that surrounds them. Completely gone. Lost. Alone. You might find that they start distancing themselves from you, making excuses, feeding you with their little covering lies. “I’m just tired,” they’ll say. They’ll laugh it off, every single time. You should pay attention to how they start covering up their bodies, hiding every inch of their skin, hating every inch of their skin. They wont take your compliments, if so, you’ll only get a simple ‘thank you’ and they will take it all for lies. Self hate could easily be mistaken for self irony - although they say it with a smile on their face, keep your eyes open for the empty look that follows. Pay attention. Never look away. Because they are nearly impossible to spot, unless you’re one of them.