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The Cat and her Owner
Chapter Two
The owner asked the cat: "Do you, by any chance have a name?" She lowered her head and blushed - this kitten had been called many names but none of them were very nice. "I see" - said the man - "Then perhaps you know what you'd like to be called?"
She looked at him with a surprised face and that made the owner smile. He messed up her hair and told her to think about it. Once she knew the answer she should find him and tell him. He then left the room and went about his daily business.
The poor pet started panicking. So many names came to her mind and she couldn't decide at all. So she decided to sleep on it as she was exhausted from such and unusual turn of events. The kitten laid her head on the pillow and fell fast asleep.
She woke up with an empty stomach and a mind filled with thoughts of food. But she didn't know where to go. The house was very big so she ended up wandering around not knowing where she had already been and where she should go next.
All of a sudden she heard a strange noise coming from behind a closed door. Her ears perked up as she was trying to figure out what it was but it became too silent. "Ah well, it's none of my business" - the cat thought, but as she tried to walk away, crazy scenarios started coming into her head. What if the owner was in pain trying to call for help? Or perhaps it was him fighting an intruder and struggling to win? All of those thoughts had the kitten so worked up, that she decided to listen more closely and if the need arose - to barge in and help.
So the cat snuck up to the door and put her ear against it. Yet she couldn't make out what was going on. It sounded like a voice... But she wasn't sure. She pressed a little harder against the door and accidentally brushed her hand against the knob. The door flew open with the cat falling into the room. She was so ashamed that she couldn't even lift her head to see what was going on.
"What's this?!" - she heard a trembling woman's voice - "One of your toys?! You are disgusting! And your pet is disgusting! And everything in this house is disgusting!" The woman stormed out cursing and yelling.
The man walked up to the kitten. She raised her head and to her horror, saw a disappointed look in the owner's face. He opened his mouth but before any words came out the kitten started explaining herself: "I'm so so very sorry, sir! I didn't mean to trouble you! I didn't want to be rude! I was trying to find the kitchen and then I heard a strange noise and I was so worr-" The man kneeled down and put his finger on her lips. "You shouldn't wander around the house like that. It was incredibly stupid of you" He then stood up and took something from the drawer of his nightstand. Then he went back to the kitten and showed her what was in his hands. It was a yellow bell tied to a white string. "From now on you will be wearing this bell so that I can hear where you are and so that you can't sneak up on me anymore" - he said with a warm smile on his face.
He tied the bell around the kitten's neck and stepped back to take a look. "Yes, it fits you very well. By the way, have you decided on a name yet?" - he asked. The cat teared up as she had forgotten all about having to pick out a name. "No, don't cry!" - exclaimed the man - "I can do it for you, if you'd like"
The kitten looked at him sniffling and rubbing her eyes. "What would be a good name?" - wondered the man as he paced back and forth. He kept looking back at the kitty still kneeling down on the floor. All of a sudden he stopped and his eyes fixed onto her necklace. "What about Bell?" - he asked.
The cat looked at the bell, then at the owner, then back at the bell. And then she lifted her head with tears in her eyes and a big smile on her face.
"I see you like it?" - said the owner and Bell nodded her head. "Well then, why don't we go to the kitchen and fix you some breakfast? Though it would be more suitable to call it lunch since it's already 2 pm"

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