Yes, everyone I am a Catholic Christian. Practising too. I go to Church every Sunday and the local Youth Group. I just don't shove my beliefs down every non-Catholics throat I meet, so perhaps that's why you didn't know this about me already. But I am. xP

My Youth Group is run by a beautiful woman who makes the nights extremely fun and rewarding. But before she was out leader, about a year or two ago, we had this Canadian dude who was really hardcore into all the Jesus and God stuff, which after a while, we all began finding it pretty heavy. But he had this guitar case (which, incidently, contained his guitar) which had a Catholic sticker on it. It read
"Keep 'Christ' in Christmas".

I just like thatr quote, it reminds me of him and reminds me also of the true meaning of Christmas to a Christian.

A safe and happy Christmas Season to you all, Catholic or otherwise~