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For the Stalkers
Forever Waiting
"Why?" he asked in a voice akin to a whisper.

"Is there really a need to state the reason? If you want to know, it's society," he replied.

"But we humans are the ones that shape society, if we try can't we change it...?" he asked, his voice raising as the unfairness of the whole situation caught up to him.

"Love can not conquer all. We shape society and we change society, but does society want to change? Look around us, repressed individuals wander the streets day by day wishing that the world was different, wishing that the world did not have such 'moral laws'," replied him in a steady tone that seemed to waver toward the end of his speech. "Wishing...that they were never born to suffer like thus."

"I see...you do not want to face the hardships our relationship would bring in this current world," said he as he felt close to his breaking point.

"We were never in a relationship to begin with," said he in a stiff tone, to mask his pain, to mask his feelings.

"Can we not try...?" whispered he as an afterthought.

"Not until society accepts us fully," he replied with a sigh as that seemed to release the tension in his body only to leave behind weariness, and pain.

"Then I will wait," stated him, "Forever and until the end of time if need be. I will be forever waiting...for the day society changes for the better," his firm tone left no room for argument.

"Yes, until society changes then maybe we can..." said him in almost a whisper with a feeling of hope behind the words. He straightened up, seemed decided then said "I'll wait too, I'll wait until society changes, then, there will be less hate."

They stared grimly at each other, grey eyes staring with conflicted feelings into green ones; as if on a signal, they both stepped closer and sealed their lips for one last time before parting, sealing a promise forever.

Little did they know that though humans may be the 'smartest' creatures in the world, in truth, animals have more compassion than us cruel calculating humans. Can love really go through any hardship? Or will society and ultimately humans ruin things again, just as they have shown through their cruelty throughout history?

Will love be enough of a driving force to destroy hate? You are the humans, and you will decide the eventual fate of many couples like this one, so what will you pick: Tragedy just so you can stay in your close-minded shell, or opening yourself to new possibilities and maybe even...a better world.

Forever waiting,

Archer Luna
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