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Random stuff really.
Ardreux Specie Information
Ardreux {ar-dray-iks}: An energy using species that comes from the far reaches of space known mostly for its close resemblance to some earth dwelling dragons. These beings are also known to have two forms, one of which is their usual large draconic appearance while the other appears human. This count doesn’t include the spot between the two forms where the Ardreux may have features of its true form and its human one. Little is known about the first appearance of the Ardreux or if it was a large race at all. There are only two remaining and have only been two since anyone who knows of them can remember.

Here's an example using Razekial's form
The Ardreux are large beings that share many physical traits with ordinary dragons. They have the build of many Chinese dragons, long and slender, almost elegant in a way. With short legs and long body there’s little that makes these being runners. This build also makes them rely on their jaws and claws for attacking and hunting, and occasionally the blade located near the tips of their tails. Much like a snake they tend to bite and wrap around to keep struggling to a minimum. Because of the Ardreux relies on its grip, hence the wings.

While many draconic creatures rely on their wings for flight this species uses them to grab a hold of large things to hold on (i.e. sides of mountains, prey, foes, etc.) or to wrap around the chest area for defense. Instead the float through the air. Whether it is by some ability to manipulate the gravity strictly around them or by some other type of magic/energy is unknown.

The underside of the Ardreux has large plated scales that run down in a uniform pattern much like a snake’s. However, unlike the snake these scales can keep things like arrows and swords from piercing and slicing. Their hands to elbows and hind legs also have large plated scales on them. The rest of the body is also covered in scales but they tend to be more smooth and softer in some places. They also have hair, or manes if you wish, that goes from the top of their heads to mid back and picks up again in the middle of their tails. There is also hair on the underside of their front legs/arms.

This species has a different sclera; the whites of the eyes are instead a near black color. Their pupils aren’t black but instead the iris color some shades darker. The default pupil is a slit while the changes in it depend on the lighting. Sometimes the eyes are known to glow.

The Ardreux have two sets of teeth on the top and bottom parts of the mouth. The outer layers (visible) are large and few in number while the inner (hidden) are smaller, thinner and many. Their tongue is usually black with two spots the color of their energy located towards the back of the throat and is thick with a split tip. The inside of the mouth is also black.

The large groups of spiked scales on the tail contain a retractable blade to aid the creature in fights or other things it might be needed for. The blade is usually the same color as the user’s energy.

There are two sets of antenna on their head, usually located on the top of their head a few inches behind their eyes. The first set happens to be the longer pair and towards the end they widen and have three, sort, finger-like shapes on them. The second set are a little bit shorter and thin out towards the tips. The first set are the stronger ones and can be used to pick up various objects (though obviously there is a limit to things they can pick up). The second are more meant for feeling things.

{ enhanced senses}
Hearing, sight and smell are all enhanced. Ability to see in the dark is also enhanced.
{ energy }
A form of energy that varies in color that is said to be the main thing their bodies run off of. This energy aids in healing and in attacks and defense. The user’s energy supply depends on their current state. If the Ardreux is tired, hurt, or in a somewhat dormant state the energy level will be low. The energy supply is typically higher when the being is awake, alert and well. Energy levels are known to suddenly raise when the user is startled or focuses enough, mostly when the levels are low which causes a crash later.
{ additional ability }
This varies but it is known that this species has one other ability that is different with the person. It could be something like an element, breathing underwater or manipulation of shadows.
{ float }
Gives the user the ability to “fly” or jump high, fall hard.

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