They fight, they make up, and the cycle starts over
So in love they can't keep their hands off each other

But as each fight ensues little cracks appear, showing the deep flaws of her heart
Needing more and more to keep her from falling apart

But as she needs more, he gives less
Becoming more and more unavailable, leaving her in distress

What is wrong, is he she lacks
She begs and she pleads for him to come back

He keeps her together, from falling apart
He is the only one who can mend her broken heart

But stubbornness commences
They end up building fences
Around their hearts instead of giving in

They end up fighting, saying things they don't mean
They end up breaking up, always messy, never clean

Hearts broken and heads held low, they say goodbye
Wishing for happiness, but instead they just cry

"I never meant to hurt you.." she thinks in her head
But it's too late to mend the damage she did

Tears spilling down her face
Wishing for his embrace

All she can do is cry
As the time goes by

All she can do is wish
For love's second chance

All she can do is hope, and dream
And wish, and sing
For the love she once had