Let Me Be Free

Verse 1:
Everywhere I go
All I see is you
I try to move on
But my heart remembers you
I just want you out of my head
So I can forget you...
People say that I'm crazy
For still lovin' you
My head says to let you go
But my heart is still holding on
I need to stop lovin' you
So I can make you go away....

Get out of my head
Get out of my life
Just go away...
But my hart just can't let you go
Oh... how I wish that you would just leave
Just leave me alone don't talk to me
Let me be free

Verse 2:
I'm sick of wanting you next to me
Even though you hurt
Somehow I can't keep away from you
I want to be free
Free from your lies
Free from your stupidity
Now you better leave me alone
You are a player that doesn't deserve me
I'm ready to let you go
But you keep coming back
Begging for another chance
But you don't fool me.


Now its time to kick you out my door.
And go back to the girl I saw you kissin' before....
Let me be free!


End Verse:
Let me be free.... (X2)
I am going my own way
You are out my door
I am now free