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Chomptastic Stuff
Character Info
A note on chomping: Chomping is Avril's way of showing affection to her friends, inflicting pain to her enemies, and greeting strangers. Years of practice has enabled her to chomp through everything but the hardest metals, rocks, or other materials.

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(L-R) Naomi, Allen, Avril, Chompy the kitten, Tiffany, and Kevin. They're all classmates (with the exception of Chompy).

Name: Avril Dizzy Ocho

Nickname: Avril or Dizzy

Sex: F Age: 15 (remains the same throughout the whole story)

Born: April 18 in Durem, to a J-Pop star mother and a J-rock/metal band bassist father. Both were famous in the 80s, and both used to hate each other and their music. It was only during a benefit concert in said town that Avril's mom and dad got to know each other better, got attracted to each other, and eventually married.

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Avril's parents.

Address: Avril stays in the same Durem apartment (though not the same room) as her bandmate, classmate and boyfriend, Flavien "Flavee" Illuniere. She regularly rides the train to and from school.

Pet: One small, brown, female kitten named Chompy. Chompy loves to play and nibble the tips of people's fingers. She and Avril can understand a little of each other's language, and they converse everyday to learn more.

Hair: Naturally purple Eyes: Violet and extremely near-sighted Height: 5'4" (162.5cm) Weight: 122lbs (55.5kg)


High school student (1st year, or equivalent to 10th grade) - Avril is a straight-A student and has been at the top of the class in every subject, with the exception of gym and home economics (the latter because she is a terrible cook), since she started school.

D-Pop/D-Rock singer - Avril is a successful solo artist, having released seven albums with millions of copies sold between them, and several concerts, which draw huge amounts of people. She also provides female vocals and plays the guitar for the band Tripwire. Flavee provides male vocals and also plays the guitar, Lilithe Jewell plays bass, and Affres plays the keyboards. They don't have a drummer yet, which is OK since Tripwire as a band is currently on hiatus.

Avril's albums:

1) C.H.O.M.P.
2) Deathly Confessions
3) Lost in Cyberspace
4) Ultra Violet
5) Die, Demons, Die!
6) Neon Hearts
7) I Made Another Album, Senpai, Now Will You Notice Me?
8) Roses Are Red Yes This Whole Thing Is Going To Be The Full Title Of The Album But That's Not The Best Part Of This Album You Know The Songs Are Worth Listening To As Well And I Hope You Do So Because I Spent A Lot Of Effort And Most Of My Free Time When I Don't Have Schoolwork To Do Or When Chompy Isn't Begging Me To Play With Her In Composing Them Just To Make All Of You Chewtoys Happy About All Of These New Songs But Then Again You Could Feel Sad When You Listen To The Sad Songs Or Angry Because Of The Angry Songs Et Cetera Well You Could Say That I Poured Out All My Emotions When I Wrote These Songs And Of Course When I Sang Them Anyway If You Guys Are Looking For Punctuation I Intentionally Left Them Out And It's Up To You Where To Insert Punctuation Thank You I Love You All Rock On Stay In School Oh And One Last Thing Chompy Says She Really Loves Fish Isn't She The Cutest END TRANSMISSION (commonly shortened to just "Roses Are Red")

Actress: Avril will be playing the superhero Radioactive Girl in a movie of the same name directed by, and also starring, Kim Jong-il. Prior to this, she has appeared in a public service announcement aimed for kids, disproving the existence of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

Acu-chomp-turist: Avril invented Acu-chomp-ture, which is like acupuncture, except she uses her teeth instead of needles. Over 100 Acu-chomp-ture centers have been set up all over Gaia.

Pixie-cutioner: The ruler of the Pixie Kingdom has appointed Avril to chomp the little not-so-kawaii heads off criminal pixies who have been sentenced to death for their crimes.

Equipment: Avril wears special headphones - the cat ears on top pick up any sound from her surroundings and play them much louder and clearer through the earpieces. They can also be used in the conventional manner, to listen to music, with the cat ears acting as mini speakers if required. She wears thick, black-framed glasses to correct her poor eyesight; they are extremely shatterproof and can withstand the soundwaves Avril produces whenever she plays her guitar in the loudest possible volume setting. She wears a fake tail to match her "cat ears". It swishes back and forth, and the ears on her headphones wiggle, depending on her mood and sometimes the beat of the music playing on her headphones. The skull pin on her uniform is a souvenir from the very first band battle she participated in (and won). Avril owns a silver cellphone with lots of charms on it, each very special to her; their combined weight is more than that of the phone itself.

Hobbies: Reading, playing music, listening to music, composing music, chomping people, chomping pixies, chomping dolls, chomping plushies, chomping inanimate objects, trying to chomp ghosts

Favorite foods: Pocky, sushi, onigiri, milk tea, grape-flavored anything, sweets, pixie sandwiches (made with real pixies)

Likes: The color purple, math, science, her fans (aka Chewtoys), Flavee, playing with her food, her hometown

Dislikes: Gym class, classical music, people who hate her music, the S-Pop Club (talentless worms, as Avril puts it), Barterins (PESTS!), Aekeaclaws (MORE PESTS!), muzzles, when people say that magic is real, demons, demons, demons, demons

Flavien Illuniere and Lilithe Jewell are property of Gaian Flavee.

Affres is property of Gaian Liber Chronicarum.

Kim Jong-il is (or rather, was) a real person, but in the above context, is also a character played by Gaian General Kim.

Avril Dizzy Ocho
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Avril Dizzy Ocho
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  • User Comments: [2]
    I didn't know you had such smexy lookin' 'rents.
    Lucky you.

    Nor did I know you had so many jobs. Holy mackerels!
    Oh, do you like your pixie sandwiches with ketchup?

    comment Pnk_Panda_3 · Community Member · Fri Apr 19, 2013 @ 04:31am
    oh dear i didn't realize you held such animosity against demons.
    *slowly pokes tengu companions behind her*
    not that I.... ever would.... associate with demons...

    comment tin_kingdom · Community Member · Thu Jul 11, 2013 @ 07:22am
    User Comments: [2]

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