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Chomptastic Stuff
Character Info

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Avril (center) with her kitten Chompy and her (Avril's) classmates (L-R) Naomi, Allen, Tiffany, and Kevin.

Basic Information

Full Name: Avril Dizzy Ocho
Also known as: Avril, Dizzy, A.D.O., Avs, Chomperella Chompenstein
Occupation: Student, Idol
Race: Human
Age: 15
Date of Birth: April 18th
Place of Birth: Durem
Current Residence: An apartment in Durem
Height: 162.5cm (5ft 4in)
Weight: 55.5kg (122lbs)
Hair color: Purple (natural)
Eye color: Violet
Sexual orientation: Straight


User Image
Several hairstyle/headgear variations for Avril.

Avril is a fair-skinned, flat-chested girl with short-ish purple hair. She wears thick, black-rimmed, shatterproof glasses to correct her extreme nearsightedness, and either a spiked headband with a glowing skull bow, or one of several sets of headphones (the ones with cat ears have the ears act as speakers, and also move in time with whatever music is playing; Avril also usually dons a robotic swishing cat tail to go with the ears).

Early Life

User Image User Image
Avril's parents.

Avril was born to a D-Pop (Durem Pop) star mother and a D-rock/metal band bassist father. Both were famous several years ago, and both used to hate each other's presence and music. It was only during a benefit concert that Avril's mom and dad got to know each other better, got attracted to each other, and eventually married and had their only child. They now live in a nice apartment in Durem, but it is usually just Avril (and Chompy the kitten) in there, since her parents, who now run a recording company and talent agency, are constantly on travel due to business reasons.

User Image
Avril as a youngster.

As a kid, Avril was constantly teased by her peers for her unusual hair color, which was a result of a rare genetic mutation (her mother had it, and her mother's mother, and her mother's mother's father, and so on). Because of this, Avril became rather shy and focused not on playing outside but on studying, reading, and making music (with the help of her parents); as a result, Avril became a musical prodigy and rose to the top of the class every year, but also turned her into a loner.

User Image
Middle school.

In middle school, wanting to make friends with the "cool" crowd, Avril developed an interest in rock music, a move supported by her father. She practiced, joined, and won a band battle, and slowly gained friends afterwards. Avril considered this band battle to be one of the greatest moments of her life so far, and still regularly wears the skull pin she got as a souvenir in the competition to this day.

Present Day

User Image
When not in her usual school uniform, Avril wears outfits such as this punk-inspired one.

Avril is now a first-year student (equivalent to 10th grade) in Shinoda Academy (a reference to Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park) in Durem, where she is a member (nominated for president, but declined twice) of the light music club. She is also a successful musician of the D-Pop/rock/punk/alternative genre, having released eight albums with millions of copies sold between them, and several concerts, which tend to draw huge amounts of people ("Chewtoys", as her fans are known). She had been in a band with her boyfriend/classmate Flavien "Flavee" Illuniere, but it is currently inactive due to its members having their own commitments. She has also appeared in various TV shows, commercials, and even a movie (playing the superhero "Radioactive Girl" wink .

Despite her fame, Avril is mostly down to earth and lives a simple life, taking the train to school and occasionally a scooter during weekend strolls (as opposed to the fancy purple tour bus that takes her to concerts). She loves shopping, though (Durem Depot is her favorite store), but not to the point that she comes home with ten new outfits every single day; when not shopping, she could be found at a cafe, in the local park, in the public library, or back in her apartment, reading, playing music, listening to music, composing music, doing her nails, or going on Dropplr or other social sites (where she usually uses the alias "Chomperella Chompenstein" to avoid too much attention). Avril loves to collect charms for her cellphone; she has collected so much that the combined weight of the charms has exceeded the weight of the phone itself.


1) C.H.O.M.P.
2) Deathly Confessions
3) Lost in Cyberspace
4) Ultra Violet
5) Die, Demons, Die!
6) Neon Hearts
7) I Made Another Album, Senpai, Now Will You Notice Me?
8) Roses Are Red Yes This Whole Thing Is Going To Be The Full Title Of The Album But That's Not The Best Part Of This Album You Know The Songs Are Worth Listening To As Well And I Hope You Do So Because I Spent A Lot Of Effort And Most Of My Free Time When I Don't Have Schoolwork To Do Or When Chompy Isn't Begging Me To Play With Her In Composing Them Just To Make All Of You Chewtoys Happy About All Of These New Songs But Then Again You Could Feel Sad When You Listen To The Sad Songs Or Angry Because Of The Angry Songs Et Cetera Well You Could Say That I Poured Out All My Emotions When I Wrote These Songs And Of Course When I Sang Them Anyway If You Guys Are Looking For Punctuation I Intentionally Left Them Out And It's Up To You Where To Insert Punctuation Thank You I Love You All Rock On Stay In School Oh And One Last Thing Chompy Says She Really Loves Fish Isn't She The Cutest END TRANSMISSION (commonly shortened to just "Roses Are Red")

Personality and Interests

Avril is extremely smart, enjoys math and science, and is a logical thinker who is never afraid to express her disbelief and displeasure in things, going so far as to berate kids for having "unrealistic" dreams and believing in magic or Santa Claus, among others.

Having too little time to play, or indeed other people to play with, in her youth meant that Avril only developed a playful and childish personality in her teens. This is most evidently seen when she plays with Chompy or her food, or when she combines it with her smarts to come up with complicated contraptions to win at simple pillow or snowball fights.

Outbursts of emotion (excitement, rage, etc.) cause Avril to chomp people and/or whatever else is in close proximity. She also does this as an affectionate gesture towards close friends.

Avril is a terrible cook, which is why her diet consists largely of fastfood, instant food, and her mom's cooking (whenever she's in Durem). She also has very poor aim when throwing things, and is bad at, and shows no interest in, any sport. In fact, the only reason for Avril getting as high as B's in gym and home economics classes is because her teachers' children are huge fans of her.

Avril hates the circus, and everything having to do with it, for some reason. She also hates classical music, and most of all, the demons that lurk about town.

Avril's favorite foods are Pocky, sushi, onigiri, milk tea, grape-flavored anything (especially grape soda), and any kind of sweets.

Like any good teen, Avril does not smoke nor drink. She doesn't take drugs, although she might jokingly say on occasion that music and knowledge are her drugs.


User Image
Look at her! Just LOOK AT HER! emotion_kirakira

Avril owns a female kitten named Chompy, a playful and mischievous creature that Avril takes everywhere she goes. Avril has taken to talking to the kitten, her only regular companion back in the apartment, to the point that it seems as if the two could understand each other.

Chompy loves tuna fish, chasing butterflies, and trying (and failing) to imitate tigers and other cats in nature TV shows. She hates it when her owner tries to force her into a costume of any sort.

Flavien Illuniere is a character owned by Gaian Flavien Z.

Avril Dizzy Ocho
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Avril Dizzy Ocho
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  • User Comments: [2]
    I didn't know you had such smexy lookin' 'rents.
    Lucky you.

    Nor did I know you had so many jobs. Holy mackerels!
    Oh, do you like your pixie sandwiches with ketchup?

    comment Pnk_Panda_3 · Community Member · Fri Apr 19, 2013 @ 04:31am
    oh dear i didn't realize you held such animosity against demons.
    *slowly pokes tengu companions behind her*
    not that I.... ever would.... associate with demons...

    comment tin_kingdom · Community Member · Thu Jul 11, 2013 @ 07:22am
    User Comments: [2]

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