Pull me out this downward spiral,
I’m falling away, slipping and sliding,
I don’t feel like I’m in my place,
The truths inside but won’t show its face.
There’s something inside that’s cracked and broke,
Can’t find the energy to get up and walk.
A hate for life that once was lust,
Dreams and ambitions have turned to dust.
I can do what I want, but I've got nowt to do,
Got a head full of thoughts, there all about you.
Go home; hit the bottle, sat up all night thinking,
Then I start sinking induced by the drinking.
Am I love sick or sick of love?
Will I end up down below or high up above?
Is there a hand to break my fall before I hit rock bottom?
Or will I drink dreams away until they’re all forgotten?
I don’t fall asleep anymore; I’m just passing out,
The spirits are seductive throughout my final bout.
As talons of loneliness rip apart my soul,
I may seem strong as one, but I've never felt whole.