Appearance Info:
Name: Brenda Lamb
Nickname (If any): Sheepie
Race: Sheep Andro
Height: 5'5''
Eye color: Hazel
Hair Color and style: Brown, curly and all over, her hair running down her bag, not just from her head but also down her back, wooly curly hair until just the top of her a**. She also has a small brown tail.
Skin color: Fair
Blood Type: O+
Weapon (If any): None

Personality Info: Optimistic and willing
Sexuality: Unknown
Powers (No more than 5):
Weaknesses: Physical and magical attacks.
Likes: Cooking, especially pastries, being out in the open, gardening.
Dislikes: Scary things.
She was born to a slave family. Her father was used as one of the slaves in a ranch in the mountains and the mother was used to milk cows and take care of the other slaves. Her sister was sold to a mansion in Gambino. She was raised int he mountains outside of Barton until she became 17, and was taken from the farm and to Barton, where they're hoping for an auction to sell her pure body and soul, hopefully to a good home. In the meantime she's working in a small cafe with her foster master making delicious meals for the patrons.

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