Already, I can tell you this is going to be an interesting story. Told by a very interesting person. All of what you're about to read is 100% true. The not so happy story of my life.
My name is Nikiah. I preferred to be called Ky or Kyle. Most people call me Kiah. On the outside I look like a girl, on the inside I'm a boy. Everyone who knows me well, will tell you, "Kiah, is pretty much a dude trapped in a girl's body." or they'll say, "Nikiah? Psh she should have been born a boy!" (People have actually said that stuff about me.)

I've never really felt like a girl. I've never really felt like I really fit in any where. I always feel like I'm on the outside looking in as far back as I can remember I've felt this way. Awkward... Like I don't belong anywhere.. On top of being a lesbian.. I'm also multi-racial. Half black, half white. Most people can't really tell. Most people think I'm white. I'm an odd person.. I'll admit it. It's not every day you see a Multi-Racial, Redneck, Lesbian. But that's what I am, and I'm damn proud of my roots, and where I come from.

I identify as a lesbian... But really, I'm a transsexual. I know that I should have been born a boy... I think I may be a little bit Intersexed also... Because of certain reasons that I won't get into right now... Well know that you know alittle bit about me.. I supose I'll get onto the good stuff now. Hmmm.. Let's start with my first kiss.

My first kiss was in my cousins bedroom, with a girl. I've never been with a boy, ever. I went straight to girls which makes me a gold star lesbian. 3nodding I was 14 years old. I never thought that the day would come, when I finally got my first kiss, but it came, and god it was horrible! (I was completely blinded by love for this girl I didn't see her true colors, the girl was a totally b*tch). The whole moment leading up to the kiss was awkward, I sat in a chair breathing heavy for 30 minutes trying to steady my nerves so I can do it. Finally I took a deep breath, and it happened, just like that, our lips came together, and for 30 seconds, I was in heaven. It was then I knew that I wasn't into boys at all, it was then I knew that women were right for me.

Letting skip ahead shall we? January 1st around 2 in the morning. The time I almost lost my virginity.

I was 14, and drunk as hell at at a small party one of my friends was having in her basement (and of course the adults had know idea that we were drunk). God, even though I was totally sh*t faced I remember it like it was yesterday. I had already drank a glass of Raspberry Smirnoff ice and was starting on a glass of Vodka and Sprite, I was half way threw it, and I was making out with an ex girlfriend of mine. She thought it was a good idea to go to her room so we can get more "comfortable" I didn't want to do this, but with a little bit of arguing and a 2 glasses of vodka later she had me half naked in her bed. All her clothes were off, I don't remember taking them off but I guess that I did, her hands were all over me, touching me in places that have never been touched before by another person.
This story gets kind of embarrassing now, we were really getting into each other. I was so close to actually going all the way with her, when our friends busted in on us. At first we tried to get them to leave but they wouldn't and honestly we were to drunk to care.. We didn't get to far though. I was to drunk to know how thinks worked down there.

The next year and a half of my life was kind of boring, there was alot of drug use, and alcohol abuse, and a few sh*tty relationships I'd rather not talk about.

Hm. My life gets a little more interesting when I turn 16. But it's getting late I'll finish this later guys. Thanks for reading.