RP Character Sheet

Name: Lucus Kaillian

Occupation: Hes a pirate robing form the rich to give to the less fortunate though hes a mutant he even gives to the non mutant's that need it.

Powers & abilities: He can make light shields around any part of his body in an instant even turn it into a hard hitting weapon. He was trained to use a blade by a master of swords named Eji Shoja. Hes quick on his feet and nimble with his body.

Why hes a pirate: He was a part of the navy until they found out about his mutant powers he was kicked out. His sister Nattily never speaks though he talks to her and understands her. She speaks to him telepathically. One day they where attacked and she died. Her dying wish was for him to help others no matter what. So he decides to make his own pirate crew.