Name: Sef Belligini (still having his ex husband's last name), his birth name being Amon (his brother paki still calling him that at times), dark powers Oscurità
Race: convert vampire
Sexuality: gay
Exhusband: Septissimo Belligini {Inu Baskerville}
Master and lover: Luca (Roro)
Personality: He is very girly and complains about it a lot. He is quite and cold when he is away from his master, disliking anyone to touch him besides Luca. He is loyal to his love and is warm and caring around him, willing to do anything for him, and his happiness.

Bio: Recently Lacey erase his memories of his family's death and his abuse of his live replacing them. Though Oscurità, his dark side, is still strong in him though he doesn't know that much of why any longer...

Sef was born in Egypt. He was abandoned as a child, known vampires in the area taking him into their care, before the age of 2. They raised him as they would if they could have had any more children. The family he was living with was killed by local vampire hunters. He inherited all of the money from the clad of vampires. His vampire family owned a small oil company that was very profitable and still is running. Sef being the only benefactor gets all of the money, his brother giving up his shares, being worth over 2.3 billion. He would have had more but sold everything in their home and the home for peanuts just to get rid of it.

This family also never wanted him to be one of them, to stay human till the day his heart gave out. They gave him the ability to do tricks that a vampire could {mindreading, speed etc} but every time he used it he would have a short heart attack. These tricks caused damage to his heart after amount of time he would die from heart failure. So Septissimo turned him not wanting to lose his him.

After their death he was let shell shocked having to watch the crime. Max the only one that lived, having not been home, always -and still does- having crush on him. He took advantage of Sef's state and took him, he was Sef's first and rapped him every night to keep him with him. Sef never fought back, he was in no state and because he knew he liked it. Eventually the guilt of what he was doing to "his baby brother" was killing him and killed whatever was between them setting him lose, letting Sef fall soon into the Vande's hands.


Before he met Septy he belonged to Snake Vande and joint owned by his brother Sindile. He met them when he was 14, he was simply stealing something he wanted for fun when he ran into him. Snake had just lost one of his slaves to hunters so he took in the child.

Sef only met Sindile after being branded by the two. Sindile almost killed him, chaining him to a wall, raping him whiping him and cuting him deeply untill he did as he was told. Only alive because of the vampire, and other slave of Snake and Sindile, Zaki. Who licked all of his wounds, healing him. Sef is still deeply afraid of Sindile. He now is back in the hands of his love, thanks to a trick he planned to fool Sindile, on his brand marks.

Sokor is now after Sef for revenage from the last Vande war, when Snake and Sindile killed two of his slaves after Sef was taken from Snake. He was with Sokor for a month and Sokor now wants Sef's head, and for him to suffer, even though he is free of Snake and Sindile.

Sokor has done that now taking Sef and touturing him. Unknowing to Sokor Sef was pregant with his master's child, but lost it soon after Sokor dumped acid on his back. Having a large disfiguring scar over his spine from it. Septissimo's father later raped Sef, while he was shopping for his master's gift. Taking him into a broom closet and taking him, the shadows from Sokor getting him pregant.

A month of having the child and suffering alone. Going to Lacey to discovering who's it was. Only telling her and Zaki keeping it from his master. After his mind broke from the rape Lacey came to heal it having to in list Yrre for help. The demon laughingly making Sef spill his secret. Only getting an abortion on his master's order. Feeling guilt for having anyone inside of him but Septissimo.Because of his abortion his brother Max disowned him believing that he could have stopped the rape. Their religion forbidding abortions. Though newer text states that rape abortions are alright, Paki understanding. Max having ripped his necklace from him, from their parents.

Now having Septissimo's child, with the help of Coatl Vande. His gift thanks for them playing along with his game to hurt Sokor's pride, by forcing Sef to take his master, Septissimo. Controling both of them and demeaning them.

However much Septissimo loved him he could not take having another child and being married to Sef. After being together for nearly 30 years they got a divorce, their last son Xavier being 4. After Septissimo walked out and filed for divorce Sef nearly killed himself, sending his son to his best friend Kwan not being able to deal with his constant crying and questions. Walking one night in the rain crying in a park he met Luca. Luca brought him home with him and cared for him until he was well enough to take his son back and fell in love with Sef.

After a few years together Sef is happy with Luca even turning him, which he said he would never do to someone. Not being able to stand the thought of Luca aging any further and dying. They have two girls together and Xavier has began to come around to his step father now that he is in his teens and almost out of high school. However Sef has not compeltely forgotten about his ex husband still missing him dearly and being over protective of their last child Xavier because of it. Xavier is the last piece of Septy that he has left scared to let go of it.


A quote about what Oscurità really is:
Oscurità smiled softly bowing softly, "His friend Melhem has named me Oscurità. It is Italian for darkness. He grew up around vampires. When they were butchered in front of him. I suppose he snapped. But that isn't really what made me. The vampires that where killed," he tried to think of a word. "Darkness I suppose...though it doesn't really fit. Well flowed into him. I am that. Their powers their abilities are in him. Though because of his breakdown he created another personality, instead. So there for I have their powers and he does not. When Sef dies because of his heart problems, I will be the sole remainder here. Won't that just be fun..though it will be lonely without him..." thinking about it before looking back at Ben.

Extra: his body is covered in scares from Sindile and Snake,inculding a large scare from his calf to his hip where Sokor cut the muscle off of it and a disfiguring scar from having acid thrown on his back. His brand marks are on the left side of his stomach,the Vande brand:
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Septissimo's on his bottom right foot:
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His family:
Abby and Daniel, part of his vampire faimly (parents):
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Human Brother Paki


Ex Husband