Before Vincent met Rachel he was a secretly with a Demon named Anastasia of course Vincent did not know she was one..I think..Well who cares, But Samantha only had picture of her father so she had no Idea what he was like. Years later ( after the burning of the Phantomhive manor) Samantha come to the Human world to looking for her father. On her way there she bumped into Sebastian Helping Samantha Off the ground She asked the Butler if he new where she could find the man in the picture Sebastian stared at the photo and wide eyed he asked her to come with him. When they arrived Samantha looked at the tall manor with wide eyes and she wonder wear she was,Sebastian lead the girl to Ciel's study. And there sat a Boy with deep blue eyes and dark navy-blue hair "Young master you have a guest" The butler said to the boy as he walked to the boys side " And Who might you be?" He said coldly with a smirk on his face " I am Samantha and I'm looking for my Father" She said and got cut off by the boy "Your Father?!"Ciel said confused. So she showed him the Picture